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With Home in Sight

This has not been my day.

First, my work email was hacked AGAIN!

So I’m having to shut that email account down completely and move all my work contact stuff to a new email account. 152 more words

Pieces Of Me

I’ve been feeling rather split lately. Ever since my breakdown last year and getting the mental help I so desperately needed things have changed for the better, mostly. 353 more words


Bad Decisions

I’m awake at two am as a result of some bad decisions today.

Culprit # 1: Haagen Dazs
I was really craving chocolate today. Perhaps because it’s Easter weekend, perhaps because I’m a chocolate addict. 448 more words


What mental illness has in common with orgasms and why I wouldn't share either on Facebook.

I don’t really like facebook. Living your life in the public domain seems a bit gauche to me. I put up with the constant posts about who is having lunch where and what someones baby just filled their nappy with, but to be honest I don’t really give a shit about your latest pouty selfie. 446 more words

Mental Illness

Stand Up For Mental Health: Crazy Good Comic Big Daddy Tazz | Crazy Good Parent

Big thanks to Crazy Good Parent for sharing this clip from Big Daddy Tazz – and the entire ‘Stand Up for Mental Health’ initiative. Get ready to laugh! 17 more words

Mental Health

I never felt crazy with my grandmother

I never felt crazy with my grandmother. Come to think of it, I never thought of her as a grandmother. She was “Ma”.  An entity all unto herself, like Cher. 399 more words


Fanny Fatigue. A case of being misunderstood.

I once had a boss who was an American in his 50′s and he had never travelled outside of the USA before he came to NZ.   371 more words

Mental Illness