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Lowering The Dosage

So here I am, in a really great place in my life. My medication is going great, as well as my general mental well being. I have decided, along with my psychiatrist to reduce my Diazepam dosage in a second attempt to go off it. 198 more words

Fallow times and the road so far

I entered a period of fallow time in June 2012. It was sudden, and I was not prepared.
It would last, with a short break in August 2012, until January 2014. 1,542 more words

My clock just doesn't tick....

This morning something funny happened, I just had to share it with you guys.

Early morning breakfast conversation:

Me: “Yeah, I don’t ever want to have kids”. 414 more words

#DisabledBlackLivesMatterToo by Persephone Jones

Many people on twitter have been tweeting lately about #BlackLivesMatter in light of recent events this year.

Persephone Jones, @galvezmiro, has been tweeting the names and photos of black and disabled people killed by police. 422 more words

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Abrupt Anxiety Attack

I’ve been asleep for about an hour and a half. Suddenly I am wide awake and in the midst of an anxiety attack. I have no idea why! 342 more words


mindfulness, anxiety, and depression

I’m relieved to say that I’m doing better than I have been doing in a while. By a while, I mean a good month and a half, if not longer. 1,537 more words

11 things that theophobia is and isn't

Theophobia is a concept that I’m *betting* not too many people are familiar with. As one can probably guess, the word means “unfounded fear of (or disgust with) gods” or “unfounded fear of (or disgust with) theists”. 896 more words