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Today I want to talk about fear. For the borderline individual, the greatest fear is that of abandonment. We have all been abandoned by someone at some point in our lives, for there are many forms of abandonment, but some forms are more damaging to us than others. 572 more words



Em and the Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto is a novel out of India recently published in paperback in the U.S. This beautifully written, moving story is told in the first person by the son of a woman who suffers from mental illness. 84 more words

I love this poem. …. it allows me to be a complete piece of crap.  I live through other people’s words. Mostly because my head has been so full -all of my life – with mental illness.   201 more words


It’s wearing me down - It’s all in my head now.

This month, continuing after Westercon, has been filled with extreme highs and extreme lows that I can’t replace or explain. Part of it comes from what I now know is ‘Post-Conference Blues’, according to some of the people who helped make Westercon great. 889 more words

Writers World Updates

If At First You Dont Succeed, Buy A Gun...

…Is what I have been advised by someone before. Its also something that I read in the book The Silverlinings Playbook. Ive also heard the lyrics “If your try your best but you dont succeed” by Coldplay’s Fix You. 409 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Will Power

I used to be so good at will power. I guess I’m still decent now, but before – I was perfect at it.

That was a big thing for me back then, being perfect. 1,013 more words

Women, Mental Illness and Stigma

I have since deleted the “friend” who posted the below picture.

1. Treated or untreated should not be labelled as one being “safer” over the the other. 58 more words

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