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Starting medication for OCD & GAD

I started back at university this week!

There have been some positive aspects to starting 2nd semester, like being able to get back into a routine and learning new content.  483 more words

Day 7: List 10 activities that help you calm down.

Isn’t that just the problem? The activities that help me calm down are considered “avoidance” (like sleeping) or I’m told are unhealthy (like cutting). I don’t have other coping skills, other things to do when that urge overtakes me because that urge is all there is. 98 more words

Mental Illness

Poolside Chat...

Whew! Yesterday was a hot one and there is only one of two places I rather be on hot days; pool or home.  So, my kids and I decided today was a pool day.   129 more words

About Me


A month before today, I put a face to the person I was texting.

I turned around, searching.

You were standing by the door, tall and thin. 23 more words

I'm not like "those kids"

In the ninth segment in our series…Ten Things I Wish Church Leaders Knew About Families and Mental Illness, we’ll look at why churches don’t need to launch a new “program” connect with and welcome families of kids with mental health concerns… and explore why programs may be counterproductive to effective inclusion. 852 more words

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He had ONE job. / remember me when you're good to go.

He had ONE job and that was to not get weird after I told him I had feelings for him. One job. Don’t get weird so we can keep being friends. 1,042 more words