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no matter how many days go by, i still miss the company of my old friend seth. he made me laugh, he listened, he helped me. 107 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

I went and bought a suitcase today.  Actually, a three-piece luggage set, which at regular price was $199, but I got it for $70.  Pretty great deal.  429 more words

Intro & Intent

Mental Health has played a major role throughout my life, having been diagnosed (likely incorrectly) with bipolar disorder at age 14. That was almost 16 years ago now, and during that time I’ve seen numerous counselors/therapists (for those who don’t know there are several different types of education one can get to be a counselor and in many cases the differences are almost unrecognizable and can be confusing at times), and on countless medications. 777 more words


A Really Lame Party

One of my biggest fears about dying is that maybe there wont be many people at my funeral. I know this is a stupid thing to worry about but I don’t want my last occasion to be really lame. 165 more words

The Radical Acceptance

One major component of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is Radical Acceptance. It is the act of coming to all terms with whatever has been causing distress or anguish in your life. 310 more words

Mental Health

When did it become okay?

When did the stigma surrounding any particular set of problems become acceptable?

When did it become okay for the world to tell women that they are only beautiful if they are skin and bones, 5’8″ with blonde hair and blue eyes (no offense to those who fit that description)? 187 more words

Eating Disorders

Standing By Someone

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I don’t just add people onto my Facebook account, it has been a good source of finding some great people, but it definitely has its downsides to it too. 531 more words