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Cure for hoarding: A garage sale.

Take 60% of your stuff, hold a garage sale, and donate the proceeds to charity. (And monitor the charity to make sure the money is going to where it needs to go.) 24 more words

I'm baaaack!!!

Hello my lovelies. As you may well know it’s been a few months since I have posted. Unfortunately I spent some time in hospital, then after coming out we had issues with our internet and got fed up with our ISP so we changed to a different company who then screwed us around for 8 weeks. 1,097 more words


I cried at church tonight ...

This post started as a Facebook status when I returned home from church this evening, but I thought it would be better placed here.

I cried at church tonight. 234 more words

Church Inspirations

The Bond Of Siblings

Sunny day. Park bench. Lemonade and Coffee. Siblings. Stories. Laughter. Truth.

“Imagine if we’d combined our forces when we were younger!”

“These stories aren’t for anyone else, especially not Mum.” 178 more words

I will never forget the phone call I received from John at 8:29pm on December 10, 2013. I was in Tulsa at my mom and stepdad’s house while John was at our home in Dallas.  1,270 more words


How to be Happy...

I often ask myself, “How can I be Happy?” Or “What can I do to feel happy?” I have searched the internet on numerous occasions for the answers to this question. 569 more words

My Life

South Korea's High Suicide Rate & The Recent Ferry Boat Tragedy

Taken from  CNN  which can be found   HERE.

The grief of any parent who loses a child is unimaginable. But that pain is amplified now in South Korea, due to the uncertainty over the fate of hundreds — many of them children on a school field trip — on a sunken ferry and how this east Asian nation’s culture copes with such heartache. 420 more words