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"I Don't Think I Can Keep Doing This Much Longer."

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Prior to her second hospitalization and prior to my epiphany about her diagnosis, I made a decision to have Robin complete a daily record of various pieces of information.  3,191 more words


Day Twenty Seven

Trying to catch up on my 30 day Mental Illness Challenge! I’m a little slow, obviously, but I am determined to finish. 

Day 27: Explain a “good” day. 151 more words

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The worst thing I've ever heard

I had an argument with my mum about dinner. She made everyone steak and stuff but burned my vegetables. I was starving and irritable, this meal was supposed to tide me over a few days and it just sat there blackened. 243 more words

i have a really bad feeling that my boyfriend is cheating on me even though i’m fairly sure he’s not. idk

i’m having a really bad day.  454 more words

Journals I Suppose

Happy Easter

Taking a break for the Easter weekend.  Have fun and see you next week!

Apparently I’m not doing as OK as I thought I was.

My anxiety is still sky high, my short fuse has practically burnt out to nothing; so I now snap at the smallest of things, I’m constantly irritated and I’m still managing to let memories from the past hit me like a train every night; great pay off for having to attack therapy. 2,223 more words

We're the best of friends

I haven’t seen this film fully in years (it’s far too emotionally taxing!) but I love this song from The Fox and the Hound. 824 more words