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30 Day Mental Illness Awareness Challenge - Day Fourteen

Day 14: Have you ever experienced stigma?

I find myself in a slight state of surprise as a result of considering this question.  And indeed it is entirely possible that you the reader – should you read this post all the way through – might just also be surprised by my answer to it. 1,245 more words

Mental Illness

Do Creativity and Mental Illness Go Hand in Hand?

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m on hiatus from my regular blogging schedule. However, I did say I’d pop by from time to time with posts that I feel may interest my readers here. 798 more words


Making peace with our ghosts

There is a question tends to haunt those of us who live with mood disorders, especially in the early months of adjusting to a diagnosis or in the aftermath of breakdown: 208 more words


Humid Honey

Here I am again in the itch of summer heat. I used to write poems about baseball on nights like this, because Jaybird loves baseball. … 101 more words

Was it something I said?

The worst part of letting people in is the fear of rejection or of seeing fear in the other persons eyes after you’ve had an ‘episode’. 187 more words


Let Me Put Things in Bipolar Perspective for Ya:

This is in no way well written, nor does it show any real sign of intellectual prowess nor in-depth composition skills. But it does give a little insight into a common off-day of the bipolar.  747 more words