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The paranoia of an anxious friend

I have always had a lot of trouble with friendship. All throughout my childhood, and early adulthood, I never had people I would call friends. Sometimes people would come into my life for a while, but eventually they would leave (or I would leave them). 628 more words

Tips to Cope with the Stigma of being Mentally Ill

If you are a person who has identified them self as someone with a mental illness than you are likely no stranger to the stigma that comes a long with it. 686 more words

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Troll- Shane Koyczan

Positively love this guy. Troll by Shane Koyczan



A few months ago, I saw a familiar face on Tinder. It was an old high school crush from Shithole, Ontario who has been living in Ottawa for the past 8 years. 839 more words


Eating disorders: Educating, sharing, and just chatting

For those of you who don’t know firsthand about what it is like to coexist with an eating disorder in your own personal hell, I hope this post will help to enlighten you. 868 more words

Eating Disorder


Sometimes I wonder,


Why bother?

Why try?

Why keep fighting for a self

that loses itself in time anyways

Why fight for someone who is so hard to find… 479 more words

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Schizophrenia + A Daily Routine = Road to Recovery?

That is what worked for writer Michael Hedrick.  In a recent story on a NY TIMES blog, Hedrick tells how after a couple of bumps in the road he was able to develop a routine.   67 more words