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Current era (day 1)

Today is the day,
The day I decided to open this account in hopes of sharing my journey with others. The day I told myself to stop whispering, to stop being a victim, the day I decided to control my own fate. 47 more words


The Hawk Basement 3:22pm

I was going to write

a poem

listing My Psychiatric Diagnoses

but I decided

to make Potato Salad


*maverick psychiatrist/author (1920 — 2012)  12 more words

Serving The Seriously Mentally Ill: Trends In Ideology (Part 3)

Continuing from two other posts on the book, Serving The Seriously Mentally Ill: Public -Academic Linkages In Services, Research and Training, this is the final portion on the section “Trends In Ideology” that will be posted for now: 651 more words


A Losing Battle

I went for my assessment yesterday, an I came away wondering how it went, because I couldn’t really call it…

At first I didn’t even know about the appointment, the letter I got said I had to phone in an arrange one, though I left it a while, I finally did, they had already arranged one, which of course was yesterday, so lucky I did call or how would I have known… 991 more words


Consequences of Cutting: Why My “Coping” Method Backfired by Erin S.

Our guest blogger today is Erin S. from Daisies and Bruises, her heartfelt and honest writing may be a little hard for some to swallow (trigger warning), but it is a really good look into the consequences of self-injurious behaviors. 2,054 more words

Thoughts For Recovery

Passive and Aggressive

I am a very passive person. That is a safe generalization. The affects of allowing myself to live this way are broad and rarely positive. I hate confrontation; at least in person; and being passive seems to help avoid it. 230 more words

Being a bipolar parent is not going to be easy...

Well, I am sure most of you understand that having any form of a mental disorder is no good and not easy to cope with. But I must say, becoming pregnant and being taken of my bipolar meds has really made me reevaluate myself as a parental figure. 378 more words