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Some Protection for Heartbroken

whether it’s from
the loss of a relationship
or of a job
or stresses of a job
dumb people annoying you
everywhere you go
shady people… 165 more words


4138.coat hangers and cameras

belief is a tricky thing
and fantasy is all hands, all neck.

Weekly Poem #88

Solid State

The wire came apart around the skeletons
Behind a locked door in a room full of elephants
I can’t focus
Too much hokus pokus… 216 more words


OHM 15-Dissection 2: Silent Killer

Time to be fully honest again, except with this one, I’m not ready to get over. I don’t want to and really I can’t. ED my bestie for the past 10 years and probably forever. 751 more words



Trigger Warning: self harm, suicide, depression, moving, stepparent stress

Recently, I’ve started to feel worse and worse. My depression is no longer a little pool of water, it’s a fucking ocean and I’m drowning. 474 more words



when you are up at 2:16 at night
and you still are not drunk “enough”
you got a problem

when you are counting down
by the minute until you are off work… 69 more words


That boy

How did I get these memories?
This boy is a stranger to me
And yet I see what happened to
I see him cry and plea… 244 more words

Mental Instability