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That boy

How did I get these memories?
This boy is a stranger to me
And yet I see what happened to
I see him cry and plea… 244 more words

Mental Instability


So, every now and then, I have these mini meltdowns.

Not a full blown panic attack (which, trust me, areĀ notĀ fun).

Today, I thought of the perfect term for it. 218 more words

Semi-serious Shit

Have I been Forgotten?

Added on 9/30/14- I realize now how idiotic I was for thinking and acting this way towards Bastet and Anpu. I actually made another post about apologizing and realizing my wrongs. 316 more words


OHM 6-Living On the Edge

Typically this phrase is associated with good things: freedom, independence, taking risks, letting go of being a control freak, living life to the fullest. However, for myself and 1.4% of the US population, living on the edge takes on a whole new meaning. 3,780 more words



whispered voices
and broken dreams
saying there’s nothing left
no one beside me
and I walk alone
towards the sunset
of crimson reds
and darkening shades of blue… 111 more words