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New Age

I have now officially been on the earth for 29 years. I just barely got used to being 28, and another year is shoving me forward, so forward I go. 726 more words

The Study Of Life

Hollowed Pains Consume Me

I hurt.

I hurt all over and nearly nothing makes me stop hurting. I wake with pains, spiritual and mortal pains. Pains that never seem to leave me, even as they fade with laughter and smiles, they always return when I am alone. 350 more words



I never hurt myself in ways

that other souls could see.

I’d go about it quietly,

almost silently,

heard Mamma call it

Mental instability… 173 more words

Bleeding Violet: A Review - Sassy Insanity

Book Review of Bleeding Violent by Dia Reeves (2009)

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Working through my collection of books which have stacked up on shelves and clogged up the “ebooks” folder on my computer, I can’t start by saying anything else other than the fact that Bleeding Violet is the book which has started me reading again. 536 more words

Consuming Fiction

Turner v. Department of Defense

Janet Turner v. Department of Defense
November 16, 1998

Janet Turner,                     )
 Appellant,                       )
  v.                              ) Appeal No. 01976791
                                  ) Agency No. W97-11
William S. 2,258 more words