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Kad je Važno i «voda udje u uši»

Možda ste primetili da postoje neki igrači koji igraju odlično na treningu, a kad dodje utakmica se jednostavno zablokiraju?

Da li Vam se desilo da ste u kvalifikacijama odlični, a na odlučujućim utakmicama ili trkama jednostavno podbacite? 420 more words

Prepare to Make 2014 a Golfing Success

Guest Blog by leading Sports Psychologist, Adrian Riddell 

Adrian Riddell BA (Hons) Dip Psych ABHYP MANLP

When you’ve played great rounds of golf, how did you feel before you went out? 843 more words


Ease Your Financial Concerns Pre-Trail

This morning after I shook the sleep out of my eyes, I looked at the countdown I have on my phone until my tentative start date for my thru-hike. 723 more words


Performance under pressure

“One minute!” comes a firm voice penetrating the dull noise of water spilling over my mask. Lying on my back in the open ocean, a large monofin on my feet, I slow my breathing and drop my heart rate in readiness for the deepest breathhold dive of my life. 435 more words

Dealing with Pre-Performance Jitters

I am only a few days away from performing in Elevated Art. (Denver people, get your tickets) I’m getting really nervous, so I thought I’d put together a list of ways to deal with pre-performance jitters. 252 more words

Pole Dance

Going for Gold

Today is the start of my team’s quest for golf in the Ontario Regional Military basketball competition. In a few hours, we hit the court with high hopes and expectations for success. 272 more words

Grateful Golfer

Current Training Plan -The Adaptive Running System-

I have had a few people ask me questions about specific workouts I’m doing, or about my overall volume and where I’m getting the basis for the training plan I’ve been following. 705 more words