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A desktop punching bag.

To relief all the stress at the office… :)

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Mental Tricks

How about memorizing ongoing year calender in 10 minutes.

It is as simple as memorizing 12 digit number.

Lets do it for 2014

255 136 140 250
(Try memorizing it right away with your own little patterns in mind.) 240 more words

Daily Life Practical Tips

How To Go From Dreaming To Doing: 4 Steps To Motivation

You have stuff you know you should be doing. But it doesn’t get done. You need to go from dreaming to doing — but it’s hard. 1,061 more words


Set your watch 10 mins ahead ...

Now some of you might be thinking if it actually works in some positive way apart from increasing calculation in your mind to know if you are on time, late or early. 184 more words

Daily Life Practical Tips

How to estimate the value of an object...

In a 9 minute and 38 second video, learn how to estimate the value of an object (in this case a boat) based on its expected future cash flows. 6 more words

Creativity Handmade(DIY)

To know which are the opposite sides of a square, here is the trick...

1.           cube 1                   cube 2

to know which are the opposite sides, here is the trick

a.  Start with the side which is common in both two (here it is 1) and write the numbers in clockwise order for both the cubes. 127 more words