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Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard 28th July

Today at the gardening and well being session we all got down to the business of sowing and planting as soon as everyone had arrived, a good level of enthusiasm seems to have developed in such a relatively short time. 196 more words

A catch up

Its been a while since my last post and alot has happened in my world. I have now been with my boyfriend for approximately 4months. I am saying goodbye this week to my first friend in my new hometown. 583 more words

The 10 Day Mental Challenge: Control Your Life NOW!!!


Today I wanted to make a quick challenge to hopefully take your mental well being and mental awareness to the next level!

Okay so this is called the “10 Day Mental Challenge” by Emmet Fox. 223 more words

Life Coach

Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard 21st July

Today at the Gardening and Well being session at Bolton Steps HQ in Victoria Hall we planted on the last of the climbing beans into various sized pots and continued sowing seeds into a variety of different recycled trays, on today’s menu was carrots, three different types of lettuce, radish, Kale and some cabbages.  159 more words

Meeting Basic Needs as an Influencer of Performance

It’s great how performance can be influenced by those you meet or connect with.  I recently connected with Dr Margaret Byrne, Principal Consultant with UGM Consulting and powerful educator in her own right. 570 more words

Huddle Talk

When I work out I’ve developed this mentality to do “just one more.” It’s nothing revolutionary as it’s typical of a trainer or coach to yell, “One more lap!” “One more push-up!” “One more sprint!” But here’s what I have discovered in myself that has brought me success: BE my own coach, my own trainer, my own motivator. 311 more words


Could Emotional distress and Spiritual development be linked?

A fundamental question at the heart of psychology that is often overlooked relates to the link between emotional distress and spiritual development. What is it that links psychological with spiritual? 431 more words

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