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Chimps, monkeys and guerilla warfare

I enjoy taking models from Eastern and Western ways of viewing the world, comparing them, contrasting them and working out how they can be integrated. I’ve long been a seeker, and I relish the challenge: looking at two supposedly distinct systems and seeing how they provide a combined (superior?) wisdom. 1,879 more words

Counselling And Therapy

Ep 9 MH talks and update on merrymarie

this morning’s talk!

If you want to refresh on my life’s thrilling journey, or better still if you haven’t read my book and would love to listen to my discussions on that, and if you have 50 or so minutes to spare, here is one:

Marie's Garden


The word cutting always brings goose bumps on my skin. The word reminds me of the harsh reality of what I am doing to myself. It reminds me of the accusations my mother would throw at me when she realised I was cutting again. 167 more words

Have Courage

Life presents us all with our own particular set of challenges. No one in life is immune. I admire people that show great resilience towards “everyday challenges”. 500 more words


Let’s talk about Mental Wellbeing

Let’s talk about Mental Wellbeing …

- Sujan Shrestha

It’s a good thing that people are getting gradually aware about mental health. Many articles and news reports regarding mental health have surged up in recent days. 799 more words