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MS: Let's talk about Mental illness...mine.

Today I want to write about mental illness… my own.

Anyone who knows me, just a little would use these words to describe me: happy, cheerful, and never stressed. 575 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Pikes Place Fish -Revisted

 Recently I had a light bulb suddenly pop on in the dark recesses of my mind. It burned away a few cobwebs and revealed to me that some of the inspirational tools used for improving behavior and attitudes that I was introduced to back in the 80′s & 90′s have been lying dormant for many years, but are still very relevant today. 572 more words

Emergency Services

Intrusive thoughts

Well, at least that is the technical term for them. Basically, these are thoughts which you can’t help appearing. They just swoop in and tend to stay with you. 256 more words

Tough decisions

We have to leave Malawi.

We were planning on staying until June; we just rebooked our flight for Easter Monday.

The original plan, which looked so good in emails last summer, was to get here in December, move into, decorate and stock the Hiker’s Nest, then open in January, February at the latest. 402 more words

How Not to Look Like a Grieving Baglady

“You don’t want to look like a bag lady.  Spend the money.”  I imagined that’s what Grandma would have said about my thrift store vintage coat with the mega-tattered lining.  485 more words


MS: De-stress strategies when you are a TEN

My stress level this morning on a scale of one to ten, was a TEN!
I’m happy to say that I knocked it out of the park! 192 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Making mental health a crucial part of student welfare

University students are perhaps one of the most stressed demographics in any country.

The constant pressure of assignments and exams, an ever-increasing loan debt and the notion that their entire future is on the line can really stack up. 321 more words

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