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What Not To Say When Talking About Depression

Talking about Depression and general mental well-being can be awkward and there is so much stigma around it. I understand why some find the subject difficult to approach, especially if they’ve never suffered from depression themselves. 927 more words



All day long our minds are filled with constant chitter chatter. Most of it benign, some of it worry-some, and some of it down right troublesome. 754 more words

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The depression we share.

Such an enlightening video, so many feelings come to mind watching the video about my own personal experience with depression. I have honestly been looking for a video for so long to express my feelings on depression, but this video is as close as I can find thus far. 241 more words


Thriving (not just surviving) at Christmas

I’m looking forward to the festive season this year. It holds an opportunity: a time to get together with friends, family and generally unplug from an ordinarily busy life. 1,827 more words

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Comparison is equivalent to jealousy: Become less jealous, and more inspired

Rojojo Osho put it the best,

Comparison is a disease, one of the greatest diseases. We are taught from the very beginning to compare. Your mother starts comparing you with other children. 431 more words

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Pammy S.W my Heroine mindful of her Schizophrenia diagnosis

How it all started

I recall my post on who is a simpleton? I detailed my friendship with with massa Gaby, and although I don’t know what or if he was ever diagnosed with any mental illness (hardly the case back home you know – you go lun and you are abandoned by your family and all to roam the streets as you please), I see a lot of schizophrenia symptons there now. 649 more words

Marie Abanga!

When It Rains It Purs

Why can’t we all just let each other leave and live? People who were supposed to be gone yonks ago can literally find out my favourite song and latest location. 332 more words