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We Are All In This Together

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we put our minds to it. Healthy people have healthy minds. But, having a “healthy mind” is more than an absence of mental illness. 334 more words


Beeswax Hand and Body Cream

A good body cream is an essential in any skin care regime. A variety of body creams and lotions are available commercially with the price ranging from inexpensive to very expensive, for the more exclusive and upmarket brands. 203 more words

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Don't Give Up

It’s hard to say which is more difficult: taking your first steps, or getting up again after falling for the first time.

For instance, I think it’s safe to say that it takes courage for a child to put on a bike helmet and to balance themselves on their new two-wheeler for the very first time. 391 more words


Why make your own beauty products?

Pampering yourself with great skin care  products and body products is a great way of looking after your physical and mental well-being. It ties in with the saying that if you look good you feel good. 204 more words

Mental Well-being

Control your state of MIND: Learn how to become happy EVERYDAY

Your mind is like the internet. Whatever you ask yourself, your mind looks for an answer. So ask yourself the right QUESTIONS! As you’re reading this, you probably feel decent, not happy or sad; but decent. 273 more words

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Become a Millionaire: Learn the Freedom that money brings you

Have you heard the saying, “Fake it till you make it”? If so, then that is where we are going to talk about today! Have you ever thought about the freedom money brings? 561 more words

Mental Well Being & Spiritual

MS and Anger: “Falling the Fuck Apart”!

So you wanna know about “anger issues” when dealing with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis? This question caused me to go back into my blog post’s and find this post. 430 more words

Multiple Sclerosis