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Depression: Moving Forward

After accepting the fact that we are under a force of depression we have to understand that the current mental state is an outcome of our own thoughts.so keeping this in mind we should come to a conclusion that this state can definitely be changed again by our own thoughts and overcome the unwanted force, provided one is willing to get cured and live a beautiful life once again.Yes, this is true that depression is curable and also involves the fuel in the form of positive thoughts.Keeping these words in mind and setting it as reason of your ur beginning towards life.”I started because i am on my way to normal state”.so when ever you think of giving up just remember these words of why you started. 20 more words


Dealing with Depression

So, you are finding yourself in a deep slumber and you can’t believe that “you” could be in such a situation. First step to deal with this episode is to “Accept” the fact and pulling your self away by at least thousandth of the total problem..I am not a doctor but being one of the victims of this cruel dictatorship, a suicide survivor and now a happy human being forever….share your experiences to help those who are willing to change their current mental state by our encouraging posts… 8 more words


Me, Myself, and Monday

I’ve been working Monday evenings lately, so I have all morning and afternoon to do whatever I want!… Or need. Like that pile of laundry. But it’s taking the back seat for now because I’m just not feelin’ it. 254 more words

Mental Well-being

Gardening & well being @ the Courtyard 18th August

Just as we all went out into the Courtyard to begin todays session, the skies opened up and the rain began to fall. Luckily for us Ruth the Chief Executive of Bolton Steps had bought a Gazebo earlier on in the summer, so without further a do we set about putting the Gazebo together in the rain, after ten or so minutes trying to decipher the ill translated instructions we managed to put it together successfully.  169 more words

A place for psychotherapy in sport?

There is no doubt about it, sport is lucrative business. For a country like the UK it also plays a huge part in our Nation’s identity. 1,510 more words

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Improve your Mental Well-being with Alice Branton

Trivedi Master™ Alice Branton says that everybody experiences reduced mental well-being at some point in their lives, mainly after a disaster or when anxious. The most general suppliers, which leads to a poor mental health are monetary strain, professional stress, and relationship troubles, experiences related to exploitation, neglect, or inequity. 149 more words

Alice Branton

We Cannot Begin To Understand The Level Of Robin Williams' Depression If We Do Not Understand Depression In General

I don’t usually cry over celebrity deaths, but yesterday I was in tears. For hours, I would vacillate between my everyday life and holding my head in my hands. 996 more words