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I Couldn't Even Start The Car.

My instructor is really understanding and didn’t charge me for the lesson. He knows about the anxiety problems as they’ve raised their ugly head in previous lessons. 128 more words


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Certainly, it requires a little daring and talented, but in contrast to quite a lot of ideas to the seducing a woman, no need for complicated techniques, not necessary, play a role, do so as someone the other to manipulate or lie about your intentions. 456 more words


How I Got Out of my Mental Rut (Part 3)


I haven’t posted for a while yet again, but I have been quite busy with TAFE and such.

I have decided to post another segment in how I got my mind under control. 272 more words

5 Misconceptions About Depression

#5. Depressed People Are Constantly Miserable and Alone

Despite what we see in pop culture, depression is not a constant parade of doom and despair. 1,725 more words


Human Rights Watch Blasts the FBI’s ‘Terror Informant’ Industry

Source: 21st Century Wire, July 22, 2014

After over a decade of the War on Terror, the facade is beginning to crumble for US federal agencies who have been pretending they’ve saved us from countless ‘terror plots’ at home (read the full report by Human Rights Watch below)… 779 more words

War On Terror

Unafraid But Incapable.

Somewhere behind my eyes, there is something that stops me being me. I forget the most simple things. Like my name. I lose track of my finances. 50 more words