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I Don't Think of You That Way - as a compliment

My friend Ashley mentioned a book called The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown back in July.  Now, Ashley talks about a LOT of books because she is quite literary and writerly and stuff.   533 more words


Signing In The Rain... Mastering Race Day Conditions

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

This is the mantra that I have adopted when it comes to dealing with the weather on race day. 845 more words


6 Key Principles to Success

Nothing great ever came easy.  Success will not just fall into your lap. It takes a tremendous amount of work if you are to do anything significant.   54 more words

Phil Despain


Alright, so I don’t think that this even deserves a title, so this post shall officially be dubbed Nameless, like me. That’s how I feel sometimes, invisible and nameless. 378 more words



I did a haiku challenge a while back, and this is what resulted. Not my best work, but I also haven’t written poetry of any kind since high school (and you don’t need to know how long ago that was).

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Pill 65 | Sounds from The Heart

There seems to be a huge decline in pop music and art in recent years. The Top 40 Pop on radioes are always playing the same overplayed tracks that are nothing but candy and faux art, all about the world of superficiality and riches that the artists live in. 333 more words


Advice #1: Hobby

The best advice I can give anyone going through a mental illness is to find a hobby. It does not matter what it is. Who it is with. 300 more words