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Do You Hear Voices?

I was at my favorite table watching the game when my phone played Gimme Shelter.  I checked messages and switched off the ringer out of habit.   474 more words

Everyday Beauty In Your Life

Mental: hyperkinetic Australian farce

Who is crazy, and who is sane? That question nags at almost all the characters in Mental, a hectic, hyperkinetic farce that reunited the Australian director P.J. 479 more words

Hello Blog,

Lately I haven’t been posting much because I didn’t have anything to inspire me to write a post. Until last week. So I have been gone for a week for this camp that is held every 4 years.

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Through the Brief Depths of a Season

Simply put, it’s been a rough year. I hope to finally be able to talk about it. To talk about me breaking down. To talk about me lying in bed unable to move in the most pain I’ve ever experienced. 2,201 more words

Snails Pace - Demo 2014


New Lockin Out Stuff from Wilkes Barre/Boston featuring members of Cold World,Mental and Free Spirit.


Hal kecil yang dapat meningkatkan kecerdasan

Saat ini, anda pasti mengira bahwa kecerdasan dapat ditingkatkan melalui belajar yang intensif, giat dan sungguh-sungguh tanpa menghiraukan hal yang lain. Namun, mungkin anda telah salah selama ini, penelitian baru-baru ini menunjukkan bahwa kecerdasan tidak hanya dibangun dengan peningkatan intelijensia semata, namun juga harus disertai dengan perkembangan mental yang kuat. 659 more words