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Day 2

A night of never ending tossing and turning ended with me ripping off my sheets and tossing it onto the couch where I finally tucked my feet into the cold yet comforting cushion.This occured only after a fierce frustration washed over me at around 3:30 in the morning. 548 more words


Balance and Simplicity Through Nicole Richie (what?)

If I had to describe my inner-most style (or if I suddenly became rich enough to create the wardrobe I desire) I would keep Nicole Richie in mind for reference and inspiration. 627 more words


We can share out destiny.

Capitalizing on our opportunity – Small and large –
is often a key determinant.

By individual acts of small grace, 25 more words

Smashing perceived limits

Hello and happy September to you!

For most, the holiday season is over and it’s back to what in reality is the new study/work year. It’s time to set new goals and plan for the best outcome. 573 more words


Daily Prayer from Proverbs 12:19, 22

Father, I pray that ________’s words would be truthful and stand the test of time, because lies are quickly exposed. You, Lord, detest lying lips, but delight in those who tell the truth.

Parenting Adults

I think my friend is cutting (or, How to handle a cutter)

Please reference my previous post about reasons people cut to get a deeper understanding of the “why” behind the “how.”

You think your friend or someone close to you (or maybe even just someone from class/church/work) is cutting. 572 more words


Warrior of the Light - excerpt

A Warrior of the Light does not postpone making decisions.

He thinks a great deal before taking action. He considers his training, as well as his responsibilities and duties as a teacher. 119 more words