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Lessons from a Legend: Coach Loren St. Lawrence

On July 10th, my high school golf coach, Loren St. Lawrence passed away. He had valiantly fought cancer for the past eight years. As St. Lawrence put it, “I got cancer but cancer didn’t get me.” 752 more words


Her Royal Majesty, Queen Isabelle 071914

It has been two and a half months since my bees arrived at their new home and it is high time something very important happened. The Queen needed to be named! 634 more words

Apiary Visits

A Moment for My Mentor.

My mentor is someone I haven’t really talked much about on this blog. I chose to leave her out because I didn’t think she would ever know about my blog, so I didn’t ever want to write about someone behind her back so-to-speak. 291 more words

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If you are still sitting on the fence about joining one of our Fall “Scholarships 4 All” (S4A) programs, that will end Tuesday night!

Join us for our 30 min “LIVE” webinar, especially for anyone who says, I’m interested in learning more about (OR joining) Nippy’s program to help my 9th-12th grade or college teens get into and pay for college! 374 more words

Selecting A College Major

If 'career' is a verb, then what is a 'career plan'?

<1172 sage words>

Career:  To move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way in a specified direction, as in

“The car careered across the road and went through a hedge.” 1,155 more words


Why TECH4Every1?

If you are a woman in technology, then you provide an important venue to unlocking the untapped potential of many girls and young women. You are a role model, showing girls and young women that the Information Computing Technology sector has a wide variety of career opportunities. 210 more words