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Beer Bread ♥

a super easy, crowd pleasing side. plus a great way to utilize those lonely leftover beers kickin around in the fridge. this is another one of those customizable recipes where you can add whatever you feel like to compliment the meal (various herbs, olives, jalapeno…). 132 more words



BeoPlay A2 Loudspeaker by Bang & Olufsen
Music can make your feet dance, lull you to sleep, distress a cluttered mind, and paint a smile across your face. 343 more words


How to save $100 on Apple’s new iPad Mini 3

Don’t buy it.

Don’t worry, I can explain.

Last week, Apple announced their new iPads as they usually do every year. This year, however, Apple took a somewhat odd approach to upgrading their line of tablets. 682 more words


Pumpkin Spiced Soup ♥

wednesday night has now become our soup and meditation night – comfort on top of comfort –

so i chose to be super seasonal and attempt a pumpkin soup! 345 more words


Anything you fancy on the menu?

Why is it so difficult to translate a menu?

If you’re looking for a truly exotic dish, you need look no further than the many badly-translated menus in English…you’ll find all sorts, from ‘fried fishermen’ to ‘revolting eggs’, from ‘feet with jam’ to ‘fried friendship’ and even ‘saucepans in butter with fried hormones’! 517 more words


Mexican Restaurant Menu Suggests You Kidnap Children (Subliminally)

Check out the first item on the menu. You thought it said kidnap children, right? This is why I don’t eat chicken.