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Collateral Damage

There is an innocence to men that I find both charming and maddening. Like it or not, the two genders are simply different and we tend to perceive the world with a different set of eyes. 879 more words

Exploration of the unknown

I’m sitting here on a Saturday night watching what some men would call “Chick Flicks”.  (**Yes – I am in the house on the weekend.   312 more words


Color; Green.

Tension, rising. Attitudes, colliding.  I looked, she sighed. Cause of the friction, way too many personal contradictions.  I drove, she rode, still.  Convo had been slowed.  2,206 more words


Human Traffic...

“Traffic occurs when everybody arrives at an interchange and then…Realizing preparations hadn’t been made from the beginning of… One’s venture”.

In the canyon, driving, contemplate my next move and I heard, via the Media, the 1st African American U.S. 2,423 more words


A man and his hair

Rules get broken.

I prefer to be far-removed from my story. Telling it from the sidelines instead, as if am not really there.

But life is no straight line, and this one motions me to stay here and tell it. 352 more words


Not Really Random Thought - Relationships

Over the weekend, I had an intense conversation with one of my good people.  It got deep real fast, like when I said “Hello” kind of fast – Ha.   786 more words


Address Unknown II

Hey dear, how u?

Am aite, wsup. .

Am OK dear. . . btw a student here in Deo passed away . . .if you could toa sumtn ima appreciate . 22 more words