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Shabby and most lovely handwriting

Old story from my diary was found today again accidentally: His letter starts with ugly drawn heart shape on a sheet of torn white paper and he mentions how hardest thing he’s doing which is writing a letter for me – I asked him to write it because I really wanted to receive nothing but a sincere letter before I left the city. 239 more words

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"Mary Christmas"

Ichas8440 et al does know there’s numerous Mary Christmas out there and by no means is our “Mary Felicia Christmas” associated with or defines in any characteristic categorical fashion with; Those Mary Christmas. 1,283 more words


Pizza Delivery!

He is unusually strong. Touchwood, but yeah, he is. He doesn’t fall sick often, even when he does he is such a man about it (the Macho kind not the sissy Mommie-I-need-you kind). 525 more words


The future of public stripping of women in Kenya

The recent violent stripping of women is a case of a low-moral-turpitude-disease that sadly, no legislation can heal.

It manifests itself through carnival appetites of lust toward vulnerable females deemed indecent and makes men do things that would disturb those of the Biblical Sodom who – young and old – shouted: “Where are the man who came to you tonight? 689 more words


The Dreadful Ex

Earlier this week, I received a phone call from a strange number but not too strange.  The phone number was somewhat familiar.  With that thinking in mind, I answered the call.   542 more words


Jungle Luv

Warning, Warning…
Nothing is theoretical up in here.  African American women don’t have a monopoly in seeking change to who & what they are in an appearance sense.  2,092 more words


Step It Up

Step it up men (some of you).  This weekend, I went to a guy friend’s house after being out for drinks with my friend.  **this guy has been wanting to date me for years, but something has been telling me that it was a no go**  This confirmed my gut feeling. 322 more words