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Human Traffic...

“Traffic occurs when everybody arrives at an interchange and then…Realizing preparations hadn’t been made from the beginning of… One’s venture”.

In the canyon, driving, contemplate my next move and I heard, via the Media, the 1st African American U.S. 2,423 more words


A man and his hair

Rules get broken.

I prefer to be far-removed from my story. Telling it from the sidelines instead, as if am not really there.

But life is no straight line, and this one motions me to stay here and tell it. 352 more words


Not Really Random Thought - Relationships

Over the weekend, I had an intense conversation with one of my good people.  It got deep real fast, like when I said “Hello” kind of fast – Ha.   786 more words


Address Unknown II

Hey dear, how u?

Am aite, wsup. .

Am OK dear. . . btw a student here in Deo passed away . . .if you could toa sumtn ima appreciate . 22 more words


This 'Ol Man & D.V. aka Domestic Violence

The Knight he wasn’t but. His name was Lance.  “YoungStar” coming hard hot and ready.  Couldn’t tell him nothing because.  He was of the Gen. 2,370 more words


Duck'n & Dodgin an Ex

This weekend was touched with 1 highlight sighting and 1 I wish I wasn’t here sighting.

The highlight sighting came when I went to get my nails done on Friday.   764 more words


Things About Men

  1. Men are like computers–full of data yet clueless!
  2. Men are like computers–not worth a dime unless you turn them on.
  3. Do you know the difference between men and U.S.
  4. 104 more words