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I don't think I will ever eat another banana

I was on my way home from an interview (which sounded better online than in person, but whatever).  I got caught by a red light and continued to eat the banana I started.   182 more words


The 22nd Psalms or... Didn't see this comin'

I recently read about a woman who said she doesn’t want a man ’til he knows he’s a man because any other woman he’s been with before her could have only ruined him.  1,171 more words


Elderly Love

I was driving on my way to my grandparents house & I saw an older couple walking in the park.  **now, when I start thinking all kinds of thoughts come to the surface.  317 more words


A Long Walk

I took a long walk today and watched all the beautiful things that the Lord created.  As I made each step to my destination, the lines on the leaves were crisper, color of the sky was bluer, & the everyday sounds sounded cleaner.   580 more words


Do guys still do this?

Do guys still send women flowers?  Do guys still do this?

I just finished watching this movie called Bed of Roses with Christian Slater & Mary Stuart Masterson.   52 more words


Difficult vs. Not a Chance

I went to a former classmates’ house today for a Pampering event (which was nice by the way) and as always the conversation found its way to the subject of men.   320 more words


Don't Stop Believin'

I’m sorry it’s been so long between posts. I wish I had an excuse for my lack of enthusiasm but I don’t have one. So many times I thought about posting but I needed to get my thoughts in my head settled before I could share anything. 1,813 more words