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Jungle Luv

Warning, Warning…
Nothing is theoretical up in here.  African American women don’t have a monopoly in seeking change to who & what they are in an appearance sense.  2,092 more words


Step It Up

Step it up men (some of you).  This weekend, I went to a guy friend’s house after being out for drinks with my friend.  **this guy has been wanting to date me for years, but something has been telling me that it was a no go**  This confirmed my gut feeling. 322 more words


Mind Games!

Does anybody have a friend or family member or anybody else for that matter, who can read your mind leaving you totally flabbergasted? Like really read your mind and tell it back to you almost verbatim? 302 more words


Marcus Aurelius or… ‘Lil Marcus; Play YoungStar, Play.

Why teach a child such stuff?  Why not?  Disloyalty, ignorance and arrogance is what eventually becomes the foundation to those who haven’t been extended certain disciplines. 2,130 more words


Collateral Damage

There is an innocence to men that I find both charming and maddening. Like it or not, the two genders are simply different and we tend to perceive the world with a different set of eyes. 879 more words

Exploration of the unknown

I’m sitting here on a Saturday night watching what some men would call “Chick Flicks”.  (**Yes – I am in the house on the weekend.   312 more words


Color; Green.

Tension, rising. Attitudes, colliding.  I looked, she sighed. Cause of the friction, way too many personal contradictions.  I drove, she rode, still.  Convo had been slowed.  2,206 more words