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“Mommy, he started it!”

“No! He started it!”

The eternal fight of the siblings.

Welcome to Mad Hat Cat...

Meet my two buddies… Meatball and WInchester….They are brothers.  I found them about four years ago when they were kittens.. just bopping down the street.  Of course, I had to rescue them.   203 more words

feel the shift

It’s been a while since I’ve posted BUT I hope you still enjoy this small tid bit.

I may be biased since I was able to witness this moment first hand, but, when I see this picture I feel the slight movement in the branches and the girl moving together. 15 more words


Paws Up!

I love this one! This is my cat infographic. The owner of a fuzzy, grey kitty named Milo, I loved learning about the cuddly creatures during this project. 39 more words

10 (possibly) interesting things about me...

As per my Sunshine blogger award, I am to post 10 interesting things about me and I’m going to keep this post a Cancer free zone. 228 more words

Personal Thought

Numero Uno

Today I attempt to wake up at 8 a.m.  I get out of bed 45 minutes later. I eat toast and cheerios, put on the same sweater I wore yesterday, and bus to campus for my 4 hour block of classes.   290 more words



Hello pplz. I am sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been busy with my classes, trips, my brother breaking his arm (ouch! o_o), etc. 88 more words