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Happy Birthday: The Cat Version

If you ever wanted to listen to the Happy Birthday song meowed, here it is. I made this for you. Just you. So you can laugh. 16 more words

Twitter Tuesday:「貓」#Cats 佳作選集

昨天的 #TwitterTuesday 「推特星期二」徵圖主題是「貓」(#Cats),我們收到非常多愛貓朋友的投稿,看到許多姿態各異的貓咪。下面是我們選出來的佳作,也歡迎你直接在我們的 feed 中觀摩所有投稿作品



Twitter Tuesday: The Cats Selections

Our #TwitterTuesday theme yesterday was #Cats, and we’ve got a lot photos from all of you cat lovers. Here are some of our favorites, and you could see all submissions directly in the feed.



A mixed few days

I can’t decide on which new nickname I should bestow upon Jet.

Stealth or Houdini.

I got woken up on Thursday night, with the news that Jet was outside. 443 more words

Cat Lady

Poopie Pants


This is my late cat, Poopie Pants. Yes, you read that right. Poopie Pants. His actual name was Valentine, but it changed after a week when he was a kitten. Everyone always made fun of me for naming him Poopie Pants; they thought it was an absolutely ridiculous name for a cat (I mean it is when I look back at it, but it fit him perfectly).  As you can see in the picture, Poopie had very long fluffy hair so whenever he went to the bathroom…you get the point.

When Poopie was a kitten he looked just like a little fluffy pom-pom and he was a super cuddly love bug :) He quickly grew out of both those stages and became a little (more like giant) grouchy monster.

Enjoy the three stages of Poopie I posted above. One picture is of me holding him when he was in the “tween” stage and allowed me to pick him up.




It's Caturday

Our favorite day of the week is HERE so lets get down to business!

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