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How to learn the Collision Regulations

Many Deck Cadets consider their greatest obstacle to gaining that precious ticket is learning the Collision Regulations.

I have put this  post together to help take the fear away from the… 753 more words


Thursday 21 January 1915 - We Lost 110

S S Durward is sunk by a submarine twenty two miles northwest from the Maas light vessel.

His Majesty’s Ambassador at Washington announces that S S Dacia, if captured, will be placed in a Prize Court.  432 more words


Singapore Once More

An unspoken part of being Third Officer that everyone keeps from you seems to be the sheer amount of vaseline that it involves. Not because you’re being metaphorically fucked by everyone higher than you (though you probably are) but… HYDRANTS. 1,185 more words

Merchant Navy

Saturday 16 January 1915 - We Lost 101

The Lusitania is involved in an international incident that gives the ship’s presence in the North Atlantic a very high profile. The ship is traveling through rough seas on the way to Queenstown and, fearing the possibility of a torpedo attack, the Captain hoists the ‘Stars and Stripes’.  182 more words

Royal Navy

Friday 15 January 1915 - We Lost 100

The cargo ship SS Thracea with a cargo of munitions and supplies gets caught in the ice off Archangel and the battleship HMS Jupiter is dispatched to take her in tow and get her to port. 204 more words

Merchant Navy

Thursday 14 January 1915 - We Lost 124

The Leinster Regiment suffers four casualties while in the trenches at St Eloi.

The German Auxiliary Cruiser Kronprinz Wilhelm captures and scuttles the merchant vessel Highland Brae and rams and sinks the sailing vessel Wilfrid M 625 miles northeast from Permanbuco, Brazil. 96 more words