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My first trip at sea

My maiden voyage as a Cadet  . . .With some excerpts from my “diary” – if you want to call it that.  From France, to the UK, and on to Turkey (twice) Greece, and Egypt. 8,744 more words

Overlapping the public and private

I’ve been brushing up my HTML and CSS skills recently because for some years I have been wanting to create a website to hold my grandfather’s war diary. 1,476 more words

Spontaneous Posts

What are the different economic activities in Maritime Industry - Merchant Navy, Oil & Gas, etc.

The various types of economic activities in the maritime industry where one can find Employment Opportunities or pursue a Career are as given below.

The types of economic activities in the maritime industry can be broadly categorized into the following : 59 more words


Commencement of phase four.

Phase four . . .sounds almost ominous; does it not?  I’m finally through phase three of my training; which basically means all the heavy academic stuff is out of the way; which I am pleased with. 334 more words

Eligibility Criteria for Up Gradation of Belize CoC / License for Second Engineer vide rule III/2

  • Holding III/1 COC with sea time over 12months
  • Mandatory STCW certificates
  • Advanced Fire Fighting, Medical First Aid
  • Passport copy
  • Seaman Book / CDC sea time endorsed pages
Belize CDC

NRS Training Institute Of Maritime Studies.

NRS TIMS  has been entrenched in 2012, to contribute enormous desire of thoroughly edify professionals in the province of Merchant Navy. NRS TIMS is countenance with the ISO 9001:2008 excellence essentials, which grant eminence pedagogy for aspiring seafarers to encounter provocation at sea. 576 more words

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