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Editorial: In defence of the Pavlovian sovereignty

Several days ago, His Royal Highness the Grand Prince Deniz Grozny, may the Almighty God bless his reign, in order to counter the enemies of God and the Crown, … 1,154 more words

Edict Of Kolchaksaray

Games of thrones

While researching the book, I was frequently reminded of analogies between the political dealings of tenth-century Britain and those depicted in the television series Game of Thrones… 559 more words

Treaties & Alliances

A birds eye view of Salop

A few more shots from the top of Shrewsbury on Sunday afternoon.



‘Certainly I think we could say that Mercia by the tenth century was prepared to accept female rulership in a way unlike any other part of early medieval Europe.’ 1,201 more words

Treaties & Alliances

The University of Chester Celebrates its 1,175th Anniversary

This year marks the 1,175th anniversary of the founding of the University of Chester. Here’s the proof of this assertion, from outside the Binks Building housing the Department of History and Archaeology: 525 more words

Pillar Of Eliseg

Raising up the enemies of Mercia

The St Andrews Sarcophagus is one of the more splendid pieces of artwork left to us from Pictish Scotland. Some might say the most splendid; I would always hold out for… 1,974 more words

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Day 3: Convocation and High Table Dinner

So rounding out the evening today….

Lunch: Eh.

Library Orientation: Love my professor for BS (British Studies) even more.

Harlaxton Boutique: Not bad, kinda small. 439 more words