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mercury in retrograde: prologue in three parts

i. part one

“So, that’s all–I just want you to know,” she stammers, quite unlike her usual calm confidence. He looks at her with that look she affectionately calls… 561 more words

Mercury In Retrograde

mercury in retrograde, or: romance in anachronism [masterpost]

title: mercury in retrograde (or: romance in anachronism)
rated: M for mature content, including but not limited to non-graphic sexual descriptions, descriptions of violence, and allusion to abuse. 154 more words

Mercury In Retrograde

Mercury Has Gone Direct... What Can You Expect?

Famous astrologer Phil Booth Stars is sharing this weeks good news… Mercury has gone direct!  Big changes once again are in store, are you ready? 163 more words


I think I hate you, Mercury.

I feel like I owe everyone an apology, partially for a sort of absence on here and mostly due to how long it’s been taking me to get back with . 918 more words

Mercury in Retrograde: How's Your Luck Holding?

Maybe you’ve had good luck during these past couple of weeks since Mercury’s been in retrograde.  Me, not so much! lol  See my bad luck list below since this dastardly planet has been “moving backward” in the sky. 185 more words


Maybe It's Mercury in Retrograde?

Maybe it’s because Mercury is in retrograde?

I’m in the final stages of getting my book out; yet, I feel like I’m swimming in mud, slowly churning things out – procrastinating on the massive action I need to make this book happen. 388 more words

Wednesday Coming Down

Mercury In Retrograde-What Now?

Mercury came  to a full stop on Saturday Oct 4.  The brakes are on full!

You may be noticing complications and blocks in the flow of life. 95 more words