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How to Survive Mercury in Retrograde

It’s rarely anyone’s favorite time…

I’m sure you’ve all heard someone say something like, “Is Mercury in Retrograde or something?” probably as they smack their computer screen when nothing seems to be going right for them. 723 more words


Sacrifice and the Gods (The Pagan Experience)

I don’t remember ever feeling mercury in retrograde so powerfully before. I’m not sure if it’s because I always put this feeling of brain mush, incoherence and the desire to be a hermit down to my depression, or PMDD, but I’ve never attributed it to MiR. 941 more words

Herne The Hunter


Some days are harder than others.

It’s almost cliche now, that phrase. Of course some are harder than others! Everyday you spend with grief in your heart won’t be easy and full of joy…Jesus wept… 377 more words


Mercury in Retrograde: Jan 21-Feb 11

In the spirit of Mercury going into retrograde I sprained my ankle (by misstep) on my way to yoga yesterday. (This is the second time this has happened to me..OTW to yoga! 237 more words


mercury in retrograde

Mary tells me all her woes,
tales of of all the lost loves
and busted second chances
wasted upon them.
She knows for a fact… 34 more words


Are You in Resolution Retrograde?

It’s only January 13th, and already some of my new year’s resolutions have vanished without a trace. Imagine my dismay then when I read today that, beginning a week from tomorrow (1/21), Mercury will be in retrograde. 173 more words