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Murphy's Law

I’ve been eerily quiet, haven’t I? I haven’t had any Instagram and Facebook posts, I’ve barely penned tweets, and sadly, after a prolific run, I’ve written no blog entries in more than a week. 493 more words


Off to the Races

It is believed that the first New Year’s celebration took place in Mesopotamia,   c. 2000 B.C; during the vernal equinox. I could say that I am honoring this tradition by posting my first article of the year in March. 927 more words


EPIC Swim Time

By the time Wednesday 5th March rolled around I’d not swam in over a week. #TheShame For once it wasn’t Mercury Retrograde’s (See example 1… 877 more words


Mercury in Pisces

Tomorrow Mercury re-enters Pisces again. It briefly hung around the first few degrees of Pisces until it retrograded and went back into Aquarius. making us go over things we either missed or needed to redo. 226 more words

Mercury Retrograde

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mercury Retrograde

Hello Centaur Astrology Lovers! Today I thought i’d talk about the mercury retrograde. The Mercury Retrograde may be merrily an illusion in the sky, but it affects which ever sign that its in at the moment tremendously. 87 more words


Simple Things 9/52

“3 simple things that remind me to slow down, every week, in 2014.”

1. Cooking. In Ayurveda a huge thing with what we eat, 232 more words


Retrograde Hangover: Feel Good About Your Writing

Today’s Brew: I need more coffee.

by Kristen

Mercury is a dirty bitch that seems to always be in retrograde. You never hear about what the other planets are up to, it’s always that attention hog Mercury, casting a shadow over all of our plans. 657 more words