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Mercury Retrograde, Pisces Season, And Taking Care Of Your Health

I had this article in mind early last week but am only posting it now because, as luck would have it, I became terribly sick myself with type A influenza ( the virulent strain circulating this year that has resisted the effects of vaccines.) Astrology, you so funny…. 526 more words


Why Mercury Retrograde makes me giddy!

Perhaps I’m bias because my last name is ruled by the planet Mercury. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I consider myself to be a Mercurial girl by nature, however I’m growing to LOVE Mercury in Retrograde. 725 more words

Riding the Wave of a Dark Night of the Soul: NOT a post about how to get through it.


When nature’s life force sleeps deep within the ground.

And also a time for introspection.

For some this can mean a dark night of the soul, a dealing with pain, loss or fatigue, maybe even depression.   1,176 more words

Mercury Retrograde

Unwinding Thoughts in Mercury Retrograde

At times, a dissonance occurs between old thought patterns and new circumstances. With Mercury in objective, intellectual Aquarius, the dissonance between what we thought and what is becomes illuminated.  144 more words


Don't Blame the Messenger - Dealing with Mercury Retrograde

Planet, God, Element – Variations on a Theme

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, and the closest to the sun.  Hermes to the Greeks, the Roman adaptation of the planet and the God was Mercury, the messenger God, due to the celestial body’s “quick-footedness” as it traverses across the sky.  966 more words

Real Life

Mercury Retrograde

Hi Friends!

Ughh mercury retrograde has been killing me all communications have been funny, I can’t wait until this period is over!  I have been thinking to incorporate my business, but I feel that it would just be best for me to wait until this period is over! 28 more words


Mercurial Reflections On Anxiety

Have the dynamic influences of the planets on our lives been watered down to the point of being laughable? Perhaps. Even so, reflecting on communication during Mercury’s current dance has been valuable, both for insights into my communication, as well as the benefits of talking about things that weigh heavy on my mind and heart. 751 more words