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Another Night Out - With The Polarie

Haven´t used the Vixen Polarie since almost one year now, everything what is needed to use that star tracking device fell into place last night. The high towering MilkyWay, a nice foreground and a starry night two days before New Moon got me going. 180 more words


humming pt.12

over the river of mercury…

… literally.


Mercury #1 - Hermes the Channeler

Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, first hour of Mercury, chanting the spells to Invoke Hermes from Graeco-Egyptian Magick…

Hermes manifested in my mind in his classic form of a young athletic boy, winged hat, sandals and the caduceus. 374 more words


You will get chlamydia...and die

The other night I was finally exposed to astrology being “a thing.” A thing as in: I can’t leave my house on the 22nd, my horoscope says Venus will be aligned with Saturn so I’m going to get in a car accident. 633 more words

#Poem merman


He to her was merman
cloud, sun, or nothing
a swimmer in mercury
metallic spinner

She cut night river from muslin
pushed fur into fabric… 9 more words


07/23/2014 - Ephemeris - It's Wednesday. Do you know where the bright planets are?

Ephemeris for Wednesday, July 23rd.  The sun rises at 6:19.  It’ll be up for 14 hours and 58 minutes, setting at 9:18.   The moon, 3 days before new, will rise at 4:28 tomorrow morning. 209 more words

Ephemeris Program