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8 Planets, God's Glory

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GOD Symbolized In Heavens

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This is a Continuation of: “How Old the Universe?…”

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Morning prayer to Minerva

Today is an unmarked feast day in my religious calendar. It doesn’t have a fixed date, but it’s normally anywhere between mid-September and mid-October. It signals the moment when the weather has clearly shifted and I stop my almost daily Summer bicycle rides to the beach, replacing them with urban jogging in preparation for March’s half-marathon. 213 more words

Religio Romana


We can change our lives from changing our thoughts. In Astrology the planet Mercury rules the mind and determines how we think. As there are twelve zodiac signs there are twelve styles of thinking. 88 more words


Beautiful Mercury Glass Decorations For Your Coming Holidays

A shimmery accessories produced from Mercury Glass has began to be increasingly well-known. Mercury Glass/ silvered glass decorations has been about considering that the 1840s and not our usual variety of centerpiece but it is only not too long ago that we rediscovered its beauty. 9 more words

Women Ideas

This Week's Oracle Card Reading & Oh, Silly Mercury!

Earlier this week, just a day into Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow period, I lost internet access at my home office where I do most of my work. 118 more words


September 1957 - The Edsel

In September, 1957, Ford Motor Company introduced the Edsel.  Named for founder Henry Ford’s son, Edsel B. Ford, the Edsel started life as the E-car, which stood for “experimental car”.  355 more words