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September 3rd

What a good God You’ve been to me
Your goodness and Your grace everyday I’ve seen
What else can I do but give thanks to You…
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Seeking God

Isaac the Syrian: "Mercy is opposed to justice."

“Mercy and justice in one soul is like a man who worships God and the idols in one house. Mercy is opposed to justice. Justice is the equality of the even scale, for it gives to each as he deserves; and when it makes recompense, it does not incline to one side or show respect of persons. 116 more words


Storehouses in Famine

God has been showing me that right now we are entering a new season. Right now we are leaving behind the years of “plenty” and entering into the years of “famine”. 1,050 more words


Reflections on New Wine 2014 - 18


Acts 6:1-3

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Choosing the best to encourage the least

Simon Ponsonby is on the staff of St Aldates, Oxford, but teaches widely elsewhere… 563 more words


Finding Mercy On The Backside of Shame

When was the last time you flew off of the handle and snapped (hard) at someone for no apparent reason?

Well, for me it was last week! 937 more words


The Time is Now (Romans 5:6,8)

The precise timing of a perfected event by the One Who was sent from beyond the stars to make an attainable path for those on Mars, spiritually lost and wandering the abyss, telling themselves they see although the target they always miss. 612 more words


Our Good Shepherd

And when you invite them to church, you’ve invited them into your life.
They’ve taken a seat in church, don’t be surprised when they take a seat in your house. 136 more words
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