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The Most Important Is me

We say that we’re near the cross yet pride dominates our heart from the start of every sentence to the last of every word, the pride of life seeps through all that our minds have conjured. 483 more words


Matthew 25:31-46 -- How we treat others

Jesus finishes his dialogue on the end times with this last story.  And it talks about the final judgment following the tribulation.  At that time, God will judge the nations, separating the people as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 457 more words


Solid September Signing: Seeing Forgiveness In The Light Of Christ

Poor Stephen cannot get a break.

The Stephen in question is the dude mentioned in Acts 6 and 7. And by a break, I refer to me bothering his story again and again and again. 446 more words

Jesus Christ

Lost my lunch...

God my stomach is in a knot…thank god for the phone call I got today!!  Thanks Mama…you are so good and those who belong to you are as well!   234 more words


Allah show your mercy!

Why do men always remember that they are allowed to do 4 marriages but they forget that Allah is giving them a big responsibility to take care of woman and his children. 265 more words

True Words

Conversations On the Way to Heaven: Get Along Back There!

Conversations on the Way to Heaven:

#1  Get Along Back There!

Matthew 18:21-55

† IHS †

May our journey together always be filled with God’s joy and peace, as His mercy flavors every moment! 1,263 more words


The road less traveled by . . .

Dear Friends,

I write to you today to tell you that sometimes God closes a door without an explanation as to why. In the natural realm, we seek answers for everything. 537 more words