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I have a friend that has absolutely NO idea where her adult son is. Because she is a Christian, he walked out on their mother/son relationship both figuratively and literally. 800 more words

Jesus Christ

Wisdom is Merciful

Fists strike with fury and fuel any feud
One act of Mercy reverses the mood
Acts of revenge are diffused by a grin
Words of Forgiveness will flip what has been… 13 more words

2014 Day 111 - Ephesians 2

Because of God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice for us, We are free from sin’s power over us. This is not because our desire to sin has gone away, but because God’s mercy has freed us from the penalty of our sin when it was destroyed on the cross. 93 more words

Daily Reading

How generous is your God?

Reading:                                      Psalm 31

(Verses 19-20)

How abundant are the good things    

 that you have stored up for those who fear you,

that you bestow in the sight of all, 455 more words


I Desire Mercy

There are many questions that we ask ourselves as members of the body of Christ.Because all around us there are disparities in how people live.There are those who are very prosperous,they have everything going there way.They have the money,great friends,great families,enviable jobs,successful businesses and so on.It’s all good for them.What more?Often times they are those who do not fear the Lord.On the other hand are the confessed followers of Christ,the righteous.For some reason,some of them do not seem to prosper as well as you’d expect.They suffer financial insecurity,social ridicule,struggling to meet their family needs,lack of friends or jobs.It may look like God’s promises were not meant for them.This is what Job and Jeremiah asked the Lord… 679 more words