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WIPpet Wednesday - The Techy

So, I’m thinking I was going through one of my “emulate Dickens” phases when I was writing this. I love the way he described characters.  I know a lot of people don’t like him because they consider him wordy, and yeah, sometimes, but his characters are so well drawn, they’re consistently presented in more or less the same way regardless of who’s producing the adaptation. 349 more words


Mira Contemplates Her Choices

The visual writing prompts I receive in my writing circle are making a liar out of me!  I said I wasn’t a writer of fantasy stories, but this picture also generated a fantasy tale.  163 more words

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A Break of Calm Waves

What was intended to be an important day in Merfolk royalty history, what was supposed to be their day to celebrate and shine above and below the waves ended unexpectedly with a tidal wave of an unexpected surprise upon the underwater clan. 431 more words

Denizen Reports

WIPpet Wednesday - And So It Begins

The world-building and backstory ensues. It’s okay if you want to groan aloud. I’d like it if a few of you stuck around to comment, but I honestly won’t blame you if you read that first sentence and wanted to go hide under your bed. 504 more words


Crimson Fox's Watery Heist

The Crimson Fox has struck yet again, and he seems to be getting even more daring. The Fox stole the Mer Queen’s royal crown in addition to  three pearls, three noir pearls, and a valuable trident earlier this week. 58 more words

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Beneath the Waves

Since ancient times the sea has been full to the brim with mythological connotations. The boundless ocean and its tributaries that run clear and lively throughout our realm also nurture the realm of Faerie. 886 more words


Monster Inside

It seems a plague is quickly sweeping across the Realm of Mystara. Symptoms of the plague included rage, delusion, extreme violence of the sick, nausea, sickly skin, and a leaking of blackish-green liquid. 473 more words