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Beneath the Waves

Since ancient times the sea has been full to the brim with mythological connotations. The boundless ocean and its tributaries that run clear and lively throughout our realm also nurture the realm of Faerie. 886 more words


Monster Inside

It seems a plague is quickly sweeping across the Realm of Mystara. Symptoms of the plague included rage, delusion, extreme violence of the sick, nausea, sickly skin, and a leaking of blackish-green liquid. 474 more words


The Science of Aquaman

Pondering merfolk and whether they might make an on-stage appearance in a future volume of Into the Wonder, I stumbled upon a deep-sea biologist’s attempt to explain the physiological problems DC’s Aquaman might face as a marine humanoid and some of the adaptations he might have evolved to deal with them. 34 more words

Sighted Elsewhere

In Memory of Reiko

Reiko, of the cold waters, I have met you once before. Long ago within the Wolf and Raven, introduced then as the brother of Nivasi. I remember attending the merfolk ceremony of the changing of the seasons, well over two years ago. 601 more words


In Memory of Nna

Queen of Tides. What a name that truly suited you, Nna, my queen. To whom I left, and forsaken. I first met you at the ceremony farewell of Eshe, Queen of Storms, where you were chosen amongst those in attendance to be the one to lead your people. 283 more words


If Mermaids Had Tears

The Queen of the Tides has passed and the wailing of the sirens can be heard throughout the shore as they mourn her death. A last farewell was given by the shore at what is known as the Queen’s Lake near the throne. 240 more words

Breaking News

Mermaid Weather, by H.L. Ross

Gray water sloshed against the hull of the small fishing boat, rocking it gently from side to side as Sam sent his line zipping through the fog. 636 more words

The Were-Traveler