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Striking Raiders Get New Shadows

AURORA, Shadow Reacon Empire - Yet another army has felt the need to merge this week in the Small/Medium community. The Shadow Reacon has officially merged into the Striking Raiders. 375 more words


In the article “WordPress just bought Scroll Kit, a visual online editor for stories,” written by Kia Kokalitcheva, she starts by talking about the different companies that have busted into the website making game. 313 more words


Interview: Spider Bags

“But then my wife came to the studio with my oldest daughter, Dell, and she told me she was pregnant. So I did the math in my head really quick, and I was, like, ‘Holy shit. 12 more words

Free Times

The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree - Ashoka Sen

The sensual image of The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree is an apt one for this collection of eighteen short stories. Simultaneously warm and severe, wintery yet growing, simple whilst highly stimulating. 196 more words


Generic Merge statement based on Primary-key

Needed a generic merge statement that would take two identical tables (target and a staging table) and merge them based on the primary key of the destination table, could not find one online, so here it is. 668 more words


Most Wanted and Curse Merge

On Thursday, November 6 Team Curse and Most Wanted have officially announced that their organizations have decided to merge together under the Curse organization. Most Wanted’s management team consisting of Blevdog, Felon, and Grayzilla now belong to the Curse name. 69 more words

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Thoughts After Episode 7

On this week’s episode of Survivor, the merge finally happened, and the usual craziness and strategizing ensued. It was lining up to be a pretty epic vote, as alliances were getting blurry, new ideas were getting pushed around, and the tenor of the season was starting to change. 1,175 more words