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Eureka's Old JC Penny and the Cherry Blossom Pastry Shop

Please click to enlarge and see the billboard trashcan and other great details. Traffic is kinda heavy (and 2 way) and downtown seems booming. It is also fun to recognize so many of the buildings–not much has changed in the last 60+ years. 8 more words

Old Things

Cattle on the Plaza

HSU doesn’t have a date for this one, but it is pretty great and the two buildings on the right are still standing.

Unfortunately the old Arcata City Hall is not. 30 more words

Old Things

Dredge on Humboldt Bay

I remember having a dredge in the south end of Humboldt Bay– just west of CR and north of the Eucalyptus grove on Hwy 101 but after enlarging this photo, I don’t think this is it–notice the town/settlement on the left. 29 more words

Old Things

Fire at the Splendid Cafe

Looking at the streetlamps, electrical wires and fire ladder, this doesn’t appear all that long ago.  Love “Splendid” Café and am sad it is no longer with us. 46 more words

Old Things

Rio Dell-In the Heart of the Redwoods

Some towns change a lot over the years. Rio Dell, not so much.

Old Things

Hell on Wheels isn't better than this...

So lately I’ve been watching a show on Netflix called Hell on Wheels, an AMC series about the building of the transcontinental railroad . I notice the hats sported by the characters on the show are the same as the ones worn by long-ago guests of the Pioneer Hotel – once located at Requa on the banks of the Klamath River. 22 more words

Old Things