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Pacific Lumber Company-"World's Largest Redwood Mill"

I am guessing from the vehicles that this was taken in the 1940s–but I’m still studying up on my old cars so any help would be appreciated. 6 more words

Old Things

Samoa Cookhouse, c. 1906

Yes, this is just a great photo,  but are those dunes reflected in the window panes behind the subjects? I believe the Inside Sports Gym is located there now…? 62 more words

Old Things

Rio Dell/Scotia Bridge 1917

How a girl from Rio Dell could have waited so long to post this photo, I have no idea.

If I’m understanding the caption right (and I think I recognize the typography). 31 more words

Old Things

"New" 101 Bridge North of Eureka

This photo was taken in 1956. I’m thinking maybe we just had the structure on the left w/ 2 way traffic and they built the new one to divide the highway…? 17 more words

Old Things

Not a Public Restroom

Begs a question we likely don’t want answered, doesn’t it?

Saw this while wandering gold rush country in the Sierra Foothills.

Old Things

Arcata's H Street 100 Years Ago

Please click to enlarge and enjoy the lovely detail.

Tin Can Mailman building on the right, Minor Theater on the left, 1913

Old Things