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Bite-size meringues

I absolutely love meringues! You can use the same recipe to make one large meringue pie and top it with fresh cream & fruit BUT I prefer the bite-size type for parties. 284 more words


Home alone

Today’s guest picture, sent on to me by the kind offices of my sister Susan, appears as a reminder from my sister Caroline, another special grandma, that there is more than one world’s greatest baby about.  728 more words


Brown MiniMeringues


Just stopped by to leave these little meringues here :)

There was a heavy storm in my town today… Oh, heavy it was :) 198 more words


Summer fruits pavlova

Light as air, fluffy like cotton candy. A breeze to make, impressive and delicious. Summer meringues, or as they say in New Zealand and other parts of the world, a pavlova; named after the Russian ballerina. 46 more words


Tips For Whipping Eggs for Cake and Merinques

I have made many angel food cakes, big and small, over the years. Here are some tips I have learned that may make you angel food experiments more successful. 171 more words


Thomas Haas IT!

 I remember An An and Steve bringing me to this Patisserie in Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver. Its name is “Thomas Haas”  Patisserie. So many people lining up at such an early hour,  there’s something great in this shop that people don’t mind waiting.   118 more words