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"Tiny Blood Orange Curd Meringue Tartlets to Celebrate Lunar Eclipses"

If not for heavy low clouds full of moisture I would be able to see the Blood Moon tonight. There is a deep wet darkness between me and this… 349 more words


Are meringues the new cupcakes?

Driving along Melrose Avenue a couple of weeks ago my eyes were drawn towards the windows of an exquisite new little meringue shop called Bo Nuage. 489 more words

Black And White

L is for Leave alone cookies

Yes, it’s true. These cookies practically make themselves – with a little help from their friends.

You may also know them as meringues. Tiny, sweet morsels of delight that melt away on your tongue and make you wonder whether you actually ate them. 122 more words


Passover Cookies, Take Two!

With Passover just around the corner and lots of menu planning, make your life easier and bake a few easy and delicious cookies. No flour but still lots of taste!! 140 more words

I'm Baking

Cooking is my yoga (and a three course dinner)

Sometimes I forget how much I love to cook. It’s true. When I have a busy work week and come home exhausted in the evenings and haven’t hatched a plan for what to cook for my evening meal I usually surrender to a cheese toastie or just toast with cheese and cucumber slices, which in my world does not constitute cooking. 229 more words


Martin’s 70th Birthday Party

We apologize for the quality of most of the photos we have used here.  We both need to get better at taking photos earlier, and not when the party is in full swing. 2,173 more words


Gluten-Free Passover Meringues

I’ve posted a couple of variants on meringues, but these were our prettiest yet, deserving of their own post. Plus, these meringue cookies make for a quick and easy gluten-free, dairy-free Passover dessert, requiring no special equipment or ingredients — pretty much just eggs, sugar and a mixer. 360 more words