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The look of a leader Getting to the top is as much to do with how you look as what you achieve: Who you Know helps as well.

Schumpeter Sep 27 2014 | ECN

IN GORILLA society, power belongs to silverback males. These splendid creatures have numerous status markers besides their back hair: they are bigger than the rest of their band, strike space-filling postures, produce deeper sounds, thump their chests lustily and, in general, exude an air of physical fitness. 912 more words


Tech’s Meritocracy Problem: Perception doesn't match reality

The blog post linked below was inspired by Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella’s gaffe at Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, but connects to an important theme in the story of the lack of diversity in computing.   178 more words

On being original and the urgent need for meritocracy in our society

Our society is rapidly disintegrating into a web of mediocrity . We don’t want to work hard any more rather find quick fixes to the problem . 409 more words


To Dictate or not. That is the question

Greetings fellow Bloggers,

Today, i shall mostly be discussing the Governance models used in the Open Source community. It would appear that there are two models of governance that most projects adopt, with a mix of the two creeping in here and there. 309 more words

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What We Cannot Learn from the Udacity/GT Partnership

Today’s Chronicle of Higher Education features an article by Steve Kolowich about the potential impact of the Udacity/Georgia Tech/AT&T online master’s program on the future cost of higher education: 712 more words

Establishment and Meritocracy

Establishment and Meritocracy
By Peter Hennessy
Haus Curiosities – £7.99

There’s a really apt quote that Peter Hennessy refers to in this altogether incisive essay, which does much to highlight the differing twain betwixt the smokescreen compliance of ‘the haves,’ and the all imbued, British induced myopic silence of the ‘have-nots.’ 467 more words