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"Inequality Starts In The Crib": The United States Is Not A Meritocracy

The entire conservative ideological program on economics depends on cosmic justice: the idea that those who develop talent and work hard will succeed as they deserve, while those who are lazy and without skills will fail as they ought. 551 more words


Inequality in Early Life

The article, titled “Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wrong”, published in the Washington Post on 10/18/14 shows how economic inequality in early life can contribute to opportunities later in life. 13 more words

Economic Outlook: Of Minimum Wages and Employment (Revisited)

Another hot button topic during the 2014 midterm election season are candidates stances on increasing the federal minimum wage.

This past February, the CBO released its analysis… 1,014 more words

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Some generational privilege is okay, even economically beneficial

It’s been months since I have posted.  There’s been the same ongoing talk about the minimum wage and how it’s harder and harder for most people to make it.   158 more words


The Downside to Meritocracy

Whether or not meritocracy is a reality in the United States is not what I would like to comment on (although I think most people would argue that our socioeconomic hierarchy is not entirely founded on merit). 334 more words

Failing Schools

Menand & the MMB

Among all of the fine institutions at the University of Michigan, the Michigan Marching band is one of the most prestigious and rich in heritage.  For over a century, from the traditional songs “Temptation” and “War Chant” to the exquisitely glowing PixMob show of last week, (by the way if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out… 427 more words

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A Few Thoughts on Meritocracy From an HR Guy

When Satya Nadella’s comments discouraging women from asking for raises in lieu of “trusting the system” went public last week much was written about them… 965 more words