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Technology - The Great Social Equalizer

This week, my wife and I took a quick trip up to Seattle to visit family.  While we were there, I got a call from my Mom needing some help on how to set up her email on her new iPhone.   401 more words


Acting, a meritocracy? Oh, Mr Cumberbatch...

There’s a lot of discussion in the air at the moment about the supposed predominance of actors from public school backgrounds, prompted by the release of ‘Riot Club’, the film adaptation of Laura Wade’s play ‘Posh’. 617 more words

The Fireside Chats: Noble discretion. Or, the discretion of the nobles.

In a Sept. 21 article from the New York Times Opinion pages, entitled “Why Poor Students Struggle,” New York teacher Vicki Madden reflects on low-income students of hers who make it to college and then drop out. 1,044 more words

Social Justice

Make those answers work

I’ve got a look to the July/August HBR (Harvard Business Review) Magazine while flying back to Mexico from a so briefly stay in San Francisco at the IDF 2014. 764 more words


Neutral point of view

“NPOV” stands for “neutral point of view”, a notion that Wikipedia editors take as a governing principle. NPOV is useful in some contexts, but also can be abused to camouflage specific ideologies — especially those that happen to dominate discourse in a particular place and time.

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Why university will never be a meritocracy

Recently, Steven Pinker wrote a response to William Deresiewicz’ recent article and book, which claims that the Ivy League is a horrible soulless place. Overall, I concur with Pinker’s retort. 655 more words

Why I'm a Gamer (and Not Ashamed of It) In Retrospect

I doubt I’m the only one to reflect on the status of gamers recently, to wonder if some of the criticism just might be accurate. It isn’t, of course, but that doesn’t deter me from introspection. 901 more words