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“Lack of sustained progress is most clearly reflected in trends in income inequality. In 1970 the median income for blacks for instance, was 74 percent that of whites, and in 2012 the median income for blacks had increased to only 78 percent of whites (U.S.CensusBureau2012b). 44 more words


Do we really need a "Government Equalities Office"?

With Sajid Javid’s recent appointment to the position of Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sports following Maria Miller’s resignation, a question I have asked myself is whether we really need a Minister for Equalities along with a Government Equalities Office? 444 more words


Why not meritocracy?

Alain de Botton often addresses interesting and important philosophical topics – for instance, recently, the idea of a meritocracy as the just way of organizing society and distributing social goods. 983 more words


“Daniel Pink … suggests that … incentives might be useful in getting people to accomplish boring routine work; but with more intellectually demanding tasks, the success of individuals and organizations increasingly depends on being nimble and innovative, so there is more and more need for people to find intrinsic value in their work. 93 more words

Techie in the Headlights

I have an impression that people who work in the technology sector tend to skew liberal, with a certain disdain for politics. The tech world, largely in line with the scientific community, is populated by… 525 more words