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A Few Thoughts on Meritocracy From an HR Guy

When Satya Nadella’s comments discouraging women from asking for raises in lieu of “trusting the system” went public last week much was written about them… 965 more words


no 14

I am not superstittttiousous of course not but that last one was thirteen so I wanted to get to 14 as quickly as possible. Actually I really am not superstitious so why am I in a rush? 524 more words

Unfair thought

I try not to be pessimistic. I try to be more scientific, objective and rational in my daily observation but when it comes to life it can never be judgement-free. 441 more words

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Hereditary Paradox

Hereditary for intelligence is linear with hereditary for sport athlete, it will meet the merit system as long as the environment condition is strictly under control. 167 more words


The More Success and Health the More Alienation and Shame

Many people have not had to go through the things I have had to survive, the constant insults and assaults to their mental health, which I have experienced mostly from my family. 635 more words

Kyle Kulinski On Meritocracy

Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk looks at the myth of meritocracy and the importance of “equality of opportunity.”

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