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Post-16: education’s wild frontier

Sixth form education in England has become the wild frontier for selection and marketisation with a plethora of new providers, whether 11-18 academies or 16-18 free schools trying to outdo each other in setting ever more exclusive entry requirements and competing for the most qualified students.  1,583 more words


P1 registration fix is long overdue

My wife and I just registered our son in Henry Park Primary School, which is within 2km of our home. It was a school that I was an ex-student of and, fortuitously, it was also near where we lived (I’ve lived in this area since I was a child). 424 more words


Missing People Persons

Fuck this country. I’m sitting here starving trying to get through college, so fucking schmoozers can ruin the economy and erode my rights. I’m not even going to wait to get through college to start shopping for citizenship somewhere else. 569 more words

Majority rules!

I heard something on the radio this morning, while driving, which infuriated me…

Majority rules… A mighty fine concept, ain’t it?


What makes it so? 781 more words

Thinking Out Loud In Writing

De Merits


We set this blog up to cover more of the real world, day to day, and ‘cultural’ stuff of our life - and life generally – in a pretty chilled-out, if slightly insightful way. 1,087 more words


No such thing as 'half-and-half': On mixed Mizrahi-Ashkenazi identity

By Itamar Toby (Taharlev) (Translated from Hebrew by Maayan Goldman)

The melting pot’s favorite category, ‘mixed,’ doesn’t pass the test of reality: in Israel, banal characteristics like one’s last name, appearance and place of residence, continue to dictate one’s opportunities in life and create an ethnic identity, concerning both class and culture. 2,157 more words


Reservations and the Argument of Meritocracy

Maharashtra government recently approved 16 per cent reservation for Marathas and five per cent for Muslims in government jobs and educational institutions. This decision has rekindled the debate around the polarizing issue of reservations. 402 more words