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Crime, hockey and selection bias

What happens when we don’t know what we think we know

A couple years ago, civil rights attorney Michelle Alexander wrote the eye-opening book The New Jim Crow… 231 more words


"American Dream" Disorder

In an individualist environment the class, status, and party that one is in serves as an enduring label.  Within the rhetoric of meritocracy, when one is asked how they came to be of a higher class, status, or party the casual answer seems to be hard work, and sometimes luck or “taking advantage of opportunity”, and what comes along with this is the idea that anyone can make it to nearly any class, status, and party if they really work hard and set their mind to it.   672 more words

Theories <3

The History of Silicon Valley Women, or lack of it

Brand New World in which Men Ruled

Synopsis: women in the graduating classes of the early 90s were there. But something happened. They didn’t achieve the same prominence or success as their male counterparts. 228 more words

Another Gem from Seth's Blog

From Seth Godin’s blog: ***It’s pretty common for successful people to imagine that their success is solely the result of merit. It’s more satisfying than pointing to all the external factors that have contributed to that success. 190 more words


When the jubilee government formulated its manifesto, its vivid motto was ‘kusema na kutenda’ (words with actions). This slogan became its focal point even after they clinched the controversial 4th March, 2013 elections. 827 more words

Political Opinions & Commentaries

Response to Paul Graham Mind the Gap.


1. Graham correctly notes that producing useful things can be a source of wealth, and also incorrectly takes it to be be the only source of wealth. 269 more words