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The American Meritocracy Is Made Up Of Poor People

Many wealthy Americans believe that dysfunctional behavior causes poverty. Their own success, they would insist, derives from good character and a strict work ethic. But they would be missing some of the facts. 684 more words

Is British science meritocratic?

I think UK science is pretty meritocratic, certainly few seem to care where you went to school or university. But there have been some alarming… 512 more words


Steven Pinker on Harvard and Meritocracy

Steven Pinker, one of my favorite thinkers ((The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature) tackles the evolution of admissions at Ivy League schools, notably Harvard, and how a system which once kept out better-qualified Jews now keeps out better-qualified Asians. 2,729 more words


The Nonsense of "Checking Your Privilege"

As far as ideological buzzwords are concerned, “Check Your Privilege” is right up there with “Rape Culture” in the hierarchy of excellent, beautifully conceived drivel. I am in awe of phrases like this, they are exactly what this blog has always been about, power through ideas. 1,557 more words


Merit or Relative Age Effect?

From Seth Godin’s blog: The wasteful fraud of sorting for youth meritocracy:

Ask the well-meaning coaches and teachers running the tryouts and choosing who gets to play, ask them who gets on stage and who gets fast tracked, and they’ll explain that life is a meritocracy, and it’s essential to teach kids that they’re about to enter a world where people get picked based on performance.

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Seth Godin

Youth Meritocracy

I am subscribed to newsletters from an amazing guy called Seth Godin and while I have received a bunch of deep, inspiring messages I’ve wanted to share with anyone who cares to read, none has compelled me to share more than what I am about to. 623 more words


Who Gets Picked and Why?

Here’s a great article published today by Seth Godin that goes to the root of an issue that has troubled me a great deal over the years. 173 more words