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The possible/likely involvement of Russia or Russian weapons in downing the civilian plane over Ukraine has rightly been condemned by governments in Western Europe and beyond. 370 more words

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What Next For Russia?


The international community will continue to dispute over the MH-17 disaster. Still nobody is sure who shot the plane down, the bodies of the victims have been treated with disrespect and the strain on the international community is as intense as it has ever been in the modern day. 887 more words

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What Next in Ukraine

The downing of Malaysia Flight 17 by Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine put the Ukraine crisis back into the world’s attention, and marked a dramatic escalation in the seriousness of the crisis.   893 more words

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Western Media Makes Propaganda out of Malaysia MH17 Tragedy

Just hours after the tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukrainian territory, you could believe that the story of who shot down the civilian airline was already concluded, if you have been watching CNN, Fox, Bloomberg and other neo-con infested news outlets. 736 more words

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Deep drunken thinking @night

Man kann über Frau Merkel sagen was man will, aber das diese FRAU (ohne Geschmack und Stil), die von Anfang an ihrer politischen Karriere nur ausgelacht und unterschätzt wurde, welche von Frau aus der DDR über Kohl’s kleinem Mädchen zur deutschen Kanzlerin wurde und damit es zu eine einflussreiche Persönlichkeit der Weltpolitik am Anfang des 21jh bringt, ist schon bemerkenswert.