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Master of Two Servants, Chapter 4

The mood was sombre and heavy the next morning, but Arthur hadn’t expected anything else. It had been bad enough when they had been pulling Merlin unconscious from Morgana’s hut, but upon realising quite the lengths that he would go to in order to try and keep Arthur from harm had been a shock to each of them. 484 more words


Master of Two Servants, Chapter 3

“Merlin, what are you doing?” Arthur took a step backwards, shifting his grip on his sword into a more ready stance. He didn’t want to have to use it, he knew the damage he could inflict with the weapon in his hand and it wasn’t like it was Merlin’s fault. 325 more words


Master of Two Servants, Chapter 2

No one was talking as they set up camp. Percival had placed Merlin on the ground and Elyan had set about making a fire next to the unconscious servant, all of them knowing that the warmer they could get the man, the better. 495 more words


Master of Two Servants, Chapter 1

The night had been one of the longest ones in Arthur’s life. It had taken him nearly an hour to force his way over the rockfall, wondering if he was just going to find his servant’s cold body waiting on the other side. 611 more words


The Wait

The first month had been hard.

The first year had been painful.

The first century, however, had been almost excruciating.

Merlin knew he wasn’t like others. 411 more words


Cold Heart

Merlin shivered as he drew the blanket higher up on the bed. If he buried himself under all of these layers, it might stop the cold from feeling like it was constantly penetrating his body and seeping into his bones. 593 more words



Merlin knocked tentatively on the door, not barging straight in. He didn’t want to go in at all, not when he knew the conversation that would happen once he entered would change his life. 539 more words