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[REVIEW] Mermaid Princess

“How unfair!” or “Serve you right!” ?



The “Mermaid Princess” is mostly well-known among the children and teenagers as a sweet fairy tale, thank to the animated adaptation from Disney with the epic ending “…and they live happily ever after”. 355 more words


Seagull Nesting

“Look, you seem like a OK guy, so I’ll tell you straight,

the gulls are a little nervous. 

Some are brooding one egg,

some have two eggs, but we’re not used to the people thing, …
36 more words

Need a makeover?

Don’t look at me.  Unless you’re made of gumpaste.

What’s that?, you might say.

Well, I could “attempt” making you over in the flesh but not really my area of speciality. 226 more words


Sexy Angle Mermaid

* Not a typo

Continuing my rubbish-mythology theme, here is Sexy Angle Mermaid. 50% Sexy Lady, 50% Sexy Angler Fish 100% Sexy Sexy.