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Mermaids and Milestones

The Dude and I have taken to ‘real life’ bike riding around our neighborhood since my Milestone birthday in September.   Enjoying ‘real life’ fresh air.  Yeah Baby!  487 more words

Virtual Worlds

⌘-F the World

For the most part information technology enables communication across large gulfs of space and time, but it has also had unintended side effects that have changed the way we interact with our ten-foot or so radius of personal space. 241 more words


Sea Foam Blue 3 08/14/14

WIVES: Sea Foam Blue 3 Live at SummerWorks Performance Festival, Toronto 08/14/14


Diversity of Austin Sewn Together-West Campus

This week, I am showing off the fashion that strolls around West Campus of Austin. A lot of people may automatically assume that girls are strolling around in oversized tshirts and nike shorts, but there is more style than the typical stereotype. 348 more words


Action Hospital Issue 9 Cover

Action Hospital Issue Nine:

“Delorean Grey, Mermaid Hunter”

Cover by Nicole Goux



We had a brief with the title Facade, and were left to interpret the word. I tried to relate it back to my constellation, because I have found that the idea of “glamour” is often a constructed facade. 227 more words


Kauai Healing ~

There’s something different about Kauai, the Garden Isle. It’s the northern-most Hawaiian island that is not overdeveloped or very corporatized. There is a law that no building may be higher than a coconut tree, and therefore no high-rise buildings or resorts. 133 more words