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Child of the wandering sea

The Chambered Nautilus

Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

This is the ship of pearl, which, poets feign,

Sails the unshadowed main,—

The venturous bark that flings… 259 more words


Wave-ing Goodbye

It’s been an interesting semester for English that’s for shore! I’ve learned more about Mermaids than I think I ever would have cared to know to be honest but it’s not all been bad! 127 more words

Epic Movies to Look out for in 2014 Part Four - NOT for the kids

More Monster Movie Mayhem – they’re coming back to haunt us…

Jurassic Park 4

Avatar 2

The Last Airbender 2

Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale… 46 more words


Lurid Illustrations: Juan Cabana

Don’t you love those bizarre magazines that strive to prove certain supernatural and mythical entities exist? Think Ripley’s, or those publications back in the day whose pictures and articles would either strike awe or scare a soul senseless. 280 more words