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Merman Sculpture

Merman Sculpture

          Introducing the merman, a wood sculpture citizen of my summertime mythology. He is shown on the sea floor in his underwater environment. In Greek lore, the merman is considered a powerful figure but in my experience he often gets lost underwater and refuses to ask for directions. 23 more words


You Must Have Questions

Picking up on our underwater love story again. In the last post, Erica met Aaron’s uncle Yurri and just got finished telling him that she was thinking of moving to the sea. 438 more words


In-Laws under the Sea

I’m changing Aunt Yurri to Uncle Yurri. The tentacle mer-person was female, but I think their society’s patriarchial.

I do want this story to be good, so it’s going to go through lots of edits before it’s finished. 440 more words



You might want to drown me
But I will not die
Like a blossoming moss in your aquarium
I am immortalized
In every pages of your fast- 123 more words


Merman | A Poem

I haul you in,

I, the Fisher Girl

and you, my greatest prize.


You lie, wet and shining,

in the bottom of my boat,

weak, frail, spent. 55 more words


A Merman Captured

This is again from the Gentleman’s Magazine of 1749 as proof that mermen exist, but is quite an old source. I love the old spelling. Like trying to run though mud. 396 more words

Real Life