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The Boss Behind Bugs Bunny

A sign promoting What’s Up Doc, the Animation Art of Chuck Jones, at the Steinway Street stop in Astoria, Queens.

For Chuck Jones, the basis of all great animation was a straight line. 973 more words

Merrie Melodies

Si naciste a principios de los 90’s o antes, alguna vez tuviste la oportunidad de ver los viejos cartoons de Cartoon Network, puede que recuerdes algunos de los episodios de Merrie Melodies, o aún mas fácil de recordar, esas viejas animaciones dibujadas a mano, al estilo de Bugs Bunny. 194 more words

Case of the Missing Hare

Director: Chuck Jones
Release Date: December 12, 1942
Stars: Bugs Bunny
Rating: ★★★★

Bugs Bunny is bullied by a large magician, leading to his catch phrase “Of course you realize this means war”. 270 more words


The Wabbit Who Came to Supper

Director: Friz Freleng
Release Date: March 28, 1942
Stars: Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd
Rating: ★★★★

Elmer Fudd will inherit three million dollars from Uncle Louie, … 202 more words


Elmer's Candid Camera

Director: Chuck Jones
Release Date: March 2, 1940
Stars: proto-Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd
Rating: ★★

In this slow and only moderately funny cartoon Elmer tries to photograph nature, but he’s hindered by a predecessor of Bugs Bunny. 165 more words

Warner Brothers Films

Looney Tunes - The Complete Golden Collection

Back in the days of VHS, the idea of releasing an entire TV series on home video was ludicrous, the kind of thing saved only for shows with dedicated, hardcore audiences ( 1,602 more words


Porky used to be fat, now he's just a pig

June 1, 2014 progress: 11 movies

Some days you just need to watch a lot of silly cartoons.  This was one of those days.

Plus, if I’m really going to watch ten thousand movies, I’m going to need days like this to provide a little padding. 818 more words

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