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Boston: Where the Roads Curve

There are 236 national Merrill Lynch interns this summer. A few weeks ago, 3 of them who are located in southern CT started an “intern mailing list,” so that everyone could share their thoughts, questions, and day-to-day activities. 230 more words


Home price gains topping out. Each year there are 7,000 gas grill fires in the U.S., many from leaking propane | U.S. Stocks begin the week lower

Monday – July 21

Home price appreciation in the past few years may have topped out, says a report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The bank said that Americans should prepare for a few years of stagnant prices. 249 more words

Home Prices

गुड बाय बेन !

जगामध्ये अशी फारच थोडी मानस आहेत की ज्यांच्या स्वाक्षारित एकाद्या कागदाच चलनात रुपांतर करण्याची ताकद आहे. ही जी ताकद – जी किंमत त्यांच्या स्वाक्षारित आहे ती कोणाही राष्ट्राध्यक्षाच्या वा राजाच्या स्वाक्षारित नाही. 37 more words

CodeFirst:Girls Summer Celebration: Women in Tech

Glass Digital Media’s Phoebe was invited to the CodeFirst:Girls’ Summer Celebration 2014; an evening dedicated to bringing young women in Tech together. 

CodeFirst:Girls are committed to getting more women into tech.  497 more words

The "Right to be Forgotten" - the implementation devil rears its head

When the European Court of Justice (ECJ) made its “Right to be Forgotten judgement” back in May I warned that “the devil will be in how it is interpreted and implemented rather than what it actually says.” This, remember, is is judgement that Google must delete “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” data from its results when a member of the public requests it ( 477 more words


Stan O'Neal: Gone, but not Forgotten

The most intriguing story I have read today comes from Robert Peston, the BBC Economics (and ex-Business) editor, who covered many of the high-profile scandals that erupted during the late-2000s economic crisis. 1,131 more words