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12: Chance operation

Chance Operations are methods of generating poetry independent of the author’s will. A chance operation can be almost anything from throwing darts and rolling dice, to the ancient Chinese divination method, I-Ching, and even sophisticated computer programs.

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Friday Round-Up

The Friday Round-Up features quick reviews of recent reads.

The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales (Kirsty Logan)

For readers 13+

At first glance, Kirsty Logan’s short story collection looks a thin, quick read, but the substance makes for meaty reading, with 20 stories of varying lengths on offer. 430 more words

Were I a farmer I would call you vermin
Because you’d be the villain of my crops
And gnaw my wealth, but I am not a farmer,

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There have been alarming nocturnal activities at Mason Towers. My week, as you may know, has not been the best. Life goes badly awry and I really feel as though I am having something like a breakdown. 1,112 more words

Tangling With Cancer

Poetry Wednesday: All That's Squishified

We briefly interrupt this regularly scheduled Poetry Wednesday to mention that Middle Earth News noticed and said some very nice things about last week’s post… 1,188 more words


Gloria in Wonderland

I have a very strange addiction. Every time I see a new (or old) copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I have to buy it. I have always loved owning all the different illustration, from the quirky and beautiful Mervyn Peake edition, the curious Tové Janson and the downright bizarre Yayoi Kasuma. 200 more words


Peake studies

Now Open Access (new on ejournals@cambridge A-Z) : Peake studies

The University Library subscribed to Peake Studies from its first issue in 1988.  Now in 2014… 46 more words

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