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Why our deep-seated commitment to investigating Meryl Dorey?

Why do we spend so much time holding Meryl Dorey and her Anti Vaccination Network cabal to account?

It’s because she used to be a go-to for the media to get… 1,105 more words

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Death threats against Dr Paul Offit and family published on NVIC Facebook page

Barbara Loe Fisher and her cronies at the US National Vaccine Information Center know how to get a rise out of their panting whackaloons: mention the name “Paul Offit”; make sure it’s mentioned in a Strawman; make sure it’s a dog whistle. 218 more words

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The Australian (anti) Vaccination Network: a charity no more

In what has turned out to be an auspicious week for public health there is now news that the vile anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network has “surrendered” its… 76 more words

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HCCC Public Warning about the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network 2014

The anti-vaccination pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network yesterday published its latest award.

Awarded for excellence in the fields of callousness and cruelty, dishonesty, hypocrisy, defamation, ineptitude, grandiosity, perjury, hubris, and legal vexatiousness; and with special mentions in the fields of censorship (by any means), and donation accumulation (by any means), the AVN and its head ideologue have been acclaimed with another public health warning by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. 96 more words

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