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A 365 Daily Challenge : Day 157

Day 157
Topic: warning signs
Topic given by Per-Arne Bjerka

Named my favorite pet fear
I walked him everywhere
He warned me about the corners… 36 more words


Espen Stenersrød reads from A Lifecycle in Nihighnigma

Good Eveining

After a lot of inquiries from my readers about reading from my latest book “A Lifecycle in Nihighnigma”
I Finally Caved in and did this reading… 58 more words


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A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 156

Day 156
Topic: First 30 seconds of love
Topic given by world_of_Andrew

One second last forever
Automated by emotion, lust and symmetry
Two nervous hands, that refuse to respond… 289 more words


A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 155

Day 155
Topic: Long distance relationship
Topic given by Arich 8202

Fell in love with a star
She was illuminated to the point where my eyes could no longer capture her… 117 more words


A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 154

Day 154
Topic: Forgive and Forget
Topic given by Katshuka

For the love I chose to
Overlook the fact you failed me
Regret, always inscribed in your eyes… 61 more words


A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 153

Day 153
Topic: A girl growing up without a father
Topic given by a_kalon_ writer

She apparently has her fathers eyes
His sense of humour… 126 more words


A 365 Daily Challenge: Day 152

Day 152
Topic: Suicide of a friend
Topic given by Cairo770

I will pay my respect by not saying anything more about it
I will pay respect to myself by not digging myself further down into my darkest matter… 18 more words