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Ancient Mesoamerica history slides

A small lecture I put together for a 7th grade world history class. I was trying to give them some background knowledge before turning them loose on an independent project.


From livescience: "Drugs in Early Americas Included 'Magic' Mushrooms and Toad Skins"

December 10, 2014
Agata Blaszczak-Boxe

From hallucinogenic mushrooms and cacti to alcohol-infused enemas and psychoactive dried toad skins, the array of consciousness-altering substances that people in the early Americas used was wider than thought, a new report suggests. 923 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Polar Opposites and a Spotted Rooster

Polar Opposites and a Spotted Rooster
Advent 6

Life is made up of contrasts. Even the creation stories of the various religions begin with the contrast of darkness and light; creator and that which was created; powerful and subservient; Goodness and evil. 971 more words

Falling for Mexico's history

A few weeks into my trip and I’ve realised the first day you arrive in a new location, you always feel slightly odd.

The best advice therefore is a) not take yourself too seriously  b) find a good coffee shop and c) speak to someone from home to reground. 704 more words


Legends of Mesoamerica

My Objective

The main objective of my idea is to introduce a bit of the past history of Mesoamerica. I have always liked the legends of Mayan and Aztec civilizations and they are part of my roots. 740 more words


Olmecas, la cultura madre.

En estas cosas, nunca escribo sobre algo que no tuve la oportunidad de vivir personalmente, es decir, de estar en el lugar de los hechos. El año pasado, las cosas del destino me pusieron en la ciudad de Villahermosa, en el estado de Tabasco, México, en busca de las famosas Cabezas Colosales Olmecas. 1,446 more words