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Welcome to Mesoamerican Cultures

My name is Leah Jones, and I am a freshman in college. I enjoy reading, painting, crafting, climbing, hiking, cooking, and swimming, and now, blogging. The purpose of this blog is honestly for my Sophomore “Writing Across the Curriculum” English class. 485 more words



There is a certain magic flickering in the air when passing the one storey houses with tiled roofs through the cobbled stone streets of Suchitoto. 250 more words


[NB] Mesoamerican Agriculture

Switching gears from the Middle Eastern world, I wonder a bit at Mesoamerican ritual practices around agriculture, which have an independent antiquity of their own. 487 more words

A Mayan Wonder

Chichén Itzá is a former Mayan city located in southeast Mexico on the northern part of the Yucatán Peninsula. It was added to a new ‘Wonders of the World’ list in 2007 together with  809 more words

Hands Of Doom

[NB] Mesoamerica and Multiplicity

So far, the new year shift seems to be toward less frequent posting. Partly, that is because I am thinking about some different sorts of things and thinking a little differently all around. 905 more words


El mercado de Tenochtitlan

Hoy voy a compartir un fragmento de la segunda carta de Hernán Cortés al emperador Carlos I, escrita poco después de la llegada del conquistador a la ciudad de México-Tenochtitlan y en la que relata con gran admiración las bellezas que alberga. 920 more words

Reflexiones e ideas en torno a Ixbalanqué

Tal vez sea por las altas horas de la noche, o tal vez sea porque llevo más de cinco horas leyendo sin parar sobre el tema. 553 more words