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The Bronze Age, or Treating People Like Animals

So here we go, the history of Western civilization. It’s the grand stereotype of what history always was, and it feels a bit like I’m perpetuating it. 600 more words

Bronze Age

Cuneiform - Development of Writing

Watch any of the videos in this playlist and comment on something you learned about the development of writing in Mesopotamia. Why do historians identify the beginning of history with the beginning of writing? 22 more words

Our Oriental Heritage: Laying the Foundation for Ancient Greece

The study of Western Civilization usually begins in Greece, but, as I’ve noted in previous posts, Greece inherited a tremendous amount of intellectual history from the surrounding areas of the Near East and Far East. 498 more words

Ancient History

Monday 23 November 1914 - We Lost 392

The village of Festubert is defended by the Indian Corps repulsing a German attack.

The 6th (Poona) Division of the Indian Army takes possession of Basra.  576 more words

Royal Navy

22/11/1914 [Mesopotamia] Britain takes Basra

The Ottoman Empire has been in decline for centuries, but it is still vast, stretching from the Balkans to the Mesopotamia and south along the coast of Arabia. 131 more words


Saturday 21 November 1914 - We Lost 143

Three Avro 504b single seater aircraft of the Royal Naval Air Service take off from Belfort in Alsace each carrying four 9 kg (20 lb.) bombs to carry out a raid on the birth place of the Zeppelins – Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, close to the Swiss frontier.  335 more words


Friday 20 November 1914 - We Lost 185

Turkish forces evacuate Basra. The Bikanir Camel Corps beats off an attack by 200 Turkish commanded mounted Bedouin east of Kantara on the coast of Egypt towards Port Said. 278 more words

Royal Navy