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Ancient Civilizations Explained #2 – The Badass Mesopotamian Cultures

Article by Zachary Gladstone-

If you haven’t read the first part of this article, none of this is going to make sense. Go back and read it… 1,810 more words


Hamsas unite the world

As I wade deeper and deeper into the mind of Sayed Qutb, a truly hateful man, I find myself searching for things that celebrate difference rather than seeking to eradicate it. 76 more words

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The Enemy From Within, 2500-2000 BCE

Several great civilizations had already become established around the world, including the originals found in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, China, Egypt, and Norte Chico. From these birth grounds, the ingredients of civilization began spreading further across the globe: across the Mediterranean from Egypt through Canaan and Turkey into Greece, home of the Minoan civilization, the oldest in Europe; from China into Southeast Asia where the Hồng Bàng Dynasty was founded in modern Vietnam; and into the Iranian plateau where the Elam civilization developed from Mesopotamian influence. 2,034 more words

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The Making of Legends, 3000-2500 BCE

In my last entry, I discussed humanity’s quickening acceleration from a society of farmers into some of the first civilizations that the world has ever known. 3,371 more words

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Mesopotamia: The Rise of the Cities

Once upon a time, in the land known as Sumer, the people built a temple to their god who had conquered the forces of chaos and brought order to the world. 2,125 more words

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The Dawn of Civilization, 4000-3000 BCE

Once a group of nomadic hunter-gatherers, humans around the world began coming together to grow their own food, in what has become known as the agricultural revolution. 2,618 more words

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SAINT OF THE DAY: ST. ACACIUS: Feastday: April 9


Feastday: April 9

Death: 425 

Acacius was bishop of Amida (Diarbekir), Mesopotamia. He sold the sacred vessels of his church to aid victims of the… 126 more words