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Saturday 21 November 1914 - We Lost 143

Three Avro 504b single seater aircraft of the Royal Naval Air Service take off from Belfort in Alsace each carrying four 9 kg (20 lb.) bombs to carry out a raid on the birth place of the Zeppelins – Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, close to the Swiss frontier.  335 more words


Friday 20 November 1914 - We Lost 185

Turkish forces evacuate Basra. The Bikanir Camel Corps beats off an attack by 200 Turkish commanded mounted Bedouin east of Kantara on the coast of Egypt towards Port Said. 278 more words

Royal Navy

Life in Sumer

This playlist features video clips that review the legacy and achievements of Mesopotamia. They are a good review of things we have learned in class. Essential Questions to consider: 17 more words

Thursday 19 November 1914 - We Lost 148


Second and Third Squadrons form First Wing Royal Flying Corps at St. Omer.

Early this morning the 16th and 18th Brigades attack the Turkish fortress at Zain in a heavy rainstorm which slows the advance to a walk. 442 more words


An Early History of Weightlifting

Recently on this website we have looked to the Ancient World in search of the origins of health and fitness. It is likely that weightlifting is as old a pastime as time itself but it’s important to take this into account. 924 more words


A History of the World in Books: Book # 2: The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Mesopotamian epic poem, is considered to be history’s first great work of literature, capturing, in writing, the oral tradition of one of the first civilizations of the world and possibly of the ancient hunter-gatherer tribes that preceded it. 1,375 more words

Ancient History

A Brief History of Astrology

Nobody knows when astrology first started, although the study of the stars and cycles of time goes back into prehistory. The first lunar calendar, which was etched into a bone, dates to 32,000 BCE. 1,021 more words