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Assessment Cycle Formative to Summative (COURSE REFLECTION, Applied Inquiry and Teaching Assessment): P3

Responding to the learning progress of every student is a crucial step of successful teaching and can improve instruction in multiple ways; teachers must use standards based assessment that can be used for both formative and summative outcomes; students should use these same standards for self-assessment (P3). 637 more words

Teaching Philosophy

Monster of the Week: The Croucher

(Extra monsters-per-week this month for Halloween!)

Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? [...] if you do not do what is right, sin is…

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Harry Austin White

Harry Austin White was born in Bury, in Lancashire, in 1883, the son of David and Mary White (nee Birch). By 1901, the family were living in Wolverhampton, and Harry appears at 141 Park Street together with his parents, brother James and sister Lizzie. 102 more words

Men Who Served

Art Mesopotamia vs today

By Amelia L

The art of Mesopotamia was very different then it is today. There are so many types of art around the world. Assyrian was one of the types of art and it was very gruesome. 125 more words


Mesopotamian art vs. Modern Art

The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia contain the earliest surviving art. Did you know the art dates back all the way to 3500 B.C.E? Mesopotamian art was used to glorify strong rulers and their connection to divinity. 120 more words


Chapter Tests Bloom in Taxonomy (COURSE REFLECTION, Applied Inquiry and Assessment Methods): O2

One of the most sophisticated things a teacher can do is to offer appropriate challenge in the content area; curricula must be both standards driven and allow students to develop their competencies using multiple skill areas (e.g. 750 more words


Polemik Gunung Padang

Menyambangi Gunung Padang bagai mengunjungi kediaman keluarga Flintstone setelah terjadi bencana besar. Bebatuan berserakan di mana-mana; tak meninggalkan jejak huni, tapi konstruksinya tersusun rapi. Karena itu ia menyandang predikat sebagai situs megalitik. 1,763 more words