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Nineveh Plain Protection units - Restore Nineveh Now

The region in north-western Iraq, the Nineveh Plains, has for thousands of years been the home of the Assyrians, the original Iraqis. The Assyrians (who are Christian), as well as other peoples like the… 388 more words


The Assyrians

Assyrians are a crucial part of Iraq’s history and are a distinct ethnic group. A largely Christian people with their own language, culture, and flag, this ancient Semitic group traces its roots to the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians of antiquity. 369 more words


Daniel - Session III - (Slideshow)

Slideshow for Session III – 12/18/14




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located at 1081 Upper Spring Bay Rd in East Peoria 22 more words

Bible Study

Monte biblico: Ararat

Si era detto che avrei descritto pochi luoghi della Turchia estremamente speciali per me, che, casualmente, si trovano tutti nell’est del Paese. Ho già parlato di Ani e delle Valli Georgiane, ora è giunto il momento di raccontare cosa vuol dire vedere il Monte Ararat davanti ai propri occhi. 452 more words

Travel Diaries

A Wandering Aramean was my Father...

(That there title is a quote from Deuteronomy 26:5 . Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.)

So the story of human history (including the non-written pre-historical bit) goes sort of like this: 867 more words

Month 2: Bronze Age

Ilham Al Madfai: Nostalgia To An Old Iraq

The “death culture” and its suicide bombers, the “death culture” and women’s oppression, “the death culture” and what it lacks technologically let alone humanely… The persecution of minorities and hatred exhibited by this culture are causing a change in our cultural identity, which has always been in a state of flux. 708 more words


Reading Around Mesopotamia

If you’ve been enjoying the blog posts about the history behind the war in Mesopotamia the following books may be of interest to you.

Currently all of the following are on the Norfolk Library catalogue and if you click on the title you will be taken straight though to the book information so that library members can place a reservation. 532 more words

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