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30 Days of Inanna - Day 1: A Basic Introduction of the Deity

If it is possible to fall in love with a deity, I have fallen in love with Inanna/Ishtar.

I lust after any new information or images I can get of Inanna and I also enjoy getting to know her through feeling her energy when I work with her. 775 more words

Genesis Among the Creation Myths

There are well recognized parallels between Genesis 1 and 2 and other ancient Near Eastern creation myths. Archeologists tell us that the Mesopotamian and Egyptian myths predate the Biblical account. 897 more words


Still life or the writing?

Sumerian tokens, marking goods being sold by merchants, lay at the roots of modern writing. With the current of time their shapes simplified and they started to express not objects, but sounds only. 20 more words

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Ur of the Chaldees: a virtual vision of Woolley’s excavations

Birger Helgestad, Project Curator, Ur Project, British Museum

I am responsible for managing the digitisation of objects and archives for the Ur Project, a dynamic new collaboration between the British Museum and… 829 more words



TANVIR SpiritualTalk 17th July 2014


If we look at all major religions, we find that most of them are split in classes and divisions, which reflect a difference of opinion on how to interpret that religion for its followers. 2,619 more words


Sumerian King List And Rocket Traveling King Etana Read

MessageToEagle.com – One of the most intriguing ancient documents representing Sumerian literature is the Sumerian King List, produced at the end of the third millennium BC (most probably during the reign of the third dynasty of Ur). 346 more words

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