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The Other Side

Last night while doing a journey I crossed over the veil to the “other side”. I always love crossing the veil, it is probably my favorite place to visit. 49 more words

Messages Of Inspiration

Shape Your Life

Last night I had a very lucid dream. I saw a child playing with clay. She was building castles and such.

As I stood there watching her and her creations I clearly heard God say, “You know, this applies to your life. 31 more words

Messages Of Inspiration

Love Is Easy

Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. Real love is simple, everyday kind of thing. A smile, a hug, an encouragement.

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A Magnificent Sign

The clouds were like this earlier, and we also saw a rainbow. Amazingly, it felt like it was a clear sign from God. :)

I hear You, Lord. 49 more words


Message From God Found Hidden Inside DNA Sequence . . . this article leaves me shaking me head . . . ~J

As I read this, I’m left shaking my head. Is it ‘for real’, or is it a joke? This information comes through just when I’m publishing articles that explain that Darwin’s Theory was just that — only a theory, and is now being proved to be incorrect. 464 more words


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As an ancient astronaut theorist myself, I feel this is more evidence of our being re-worked by alien races so advanced we perceive them as gods. But that's just my humble opinion. Definitely an Earth-shaking find to say the least. Thanks for sharing!