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Speak Life

After God had completed His works of creation on the sixth day, He then took the 7th day for a total rest from His works. God was able to rest because He was now certain that man whom He created or simply put made in His very image and likeness, to whom all Authority would be given over every other thing that was created was now on ground. 841 more words


It s amazing how one can get their important message across by putting a differe...

It s amazing how one can get their important message across by putting a different spin on it… That different spin that is simple, fun, accessible and unforgettable! 60 more words

Harder Hall

I placed this poster in harder hall which is the art building on my campus specifically where the freshmen in foundations work. This way it can brighten up their day by saying life is better in the summer so keep thinking of that, being positive, thinking summer is almost here!

How Do You Keep From Going Back

By Not Giving Up

Change is hard. It takes effort, concentration and mostly; patience with yourself. Affirmations help and they can remind you what it is you’re working toward. 740 more words


"How do I get him to ask me out on a date?"

Are you feeling impatient because you are waiting for a shy guy to ask you out on a first date? This post is for you. 428 more words


Never Miss Another Important Call with VirtualPBX Voice and Faxmail Options

VirtualPBX prides itself on offering the top features in the industry. One feature that will prevent you from ever missing another important call again, even if you’re on the road, is our… 299 more words

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