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Beautiful Things Don't Ask For Attention

This is a great movie. The right amount of humour, story, character, and meaning. I just enjoyed it, you might too. The soundtrack was incredible, so if nothing else, you will come away with a new list of songs to love.

The Credit Card Dilemina

I work at a large University.  I usually go out to dinner with a girlfriend every other Friday, which happens to co-inside with payday.  On one particular Friday, my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to meet for dinner and a walk.  550 more words


KakaoTalk reveals it has 140 million users, made $203 million in revenue last year

Korean chat app company, Kakao, has disclosed that its 2013 revenue hit $203 million, netting $59 million in profits. 84 percent of the revenue was generated from commission through games, commerce, and digital content. 52 more words

Social Media


Our lives move at a pace that gives us no space and time to think of how every person we talk to, every word we heard and said locks a certain code in our minds. 183 more words

To Sam Behymer


I just watched your blind auditions for The Voice and you inspired me. I mean your life. It’s an inspiration. It’s hard not to live up to your parents’ expectations and I’m kinda experiencing that right now. 21 more words

A Renewed Significance of Easter

The beautiful story of Jesus rising from the dead will come to the end tomorrow in church services all over the world.  Throughout the Lenten season, we have been constantly reminded of sacrifice and the significance of Easter Sunday.   424 more words


Purity of heart

The heart is the organ which you can feel beating in your breast but in religious sense the heart is the central force of your life,your soul. 440 more words