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To get into the Friday feeling!

An Oldie, maybe melancholic but suits our Autumn weather.

Mary Hopkins – Those Were The Days, My Friend

Once upon a time there was a tavern… 352 more words


Questions for the Masters?

Hello everyone,

I would like to invite you to send a question to be answered by the Masters.   Once a week I will pick a question for a Master guide to answer.   47 more words


In Time

All of our lives are connected through time. When a flower dies, another flower blooms. There is always a balance in the order of how this world works. 248 more words


Desktop musings.....with a pink, mini rosebush

Got in to work this morning and the first thing I see is my pink, mini rosebush.

I noticed that the leaves surrounding a dying bud were now turning brown and falling off. 115 more words


Karson & Kennedy Discuss F-Bombs For Feminism

A video made to bring attention to the equal pay issue used 8 year old girls dressed as princesses to help them get their message out. 95 more words


Autumn! (like your colors and purpose)

A season awed by many,

where life seems to take its last breath,

Not going out quietly but colorful,

giving new life a chance to emerge.