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Router - Tracing Your Packets

Few people will really care about the path that your packet takes when sending a message, but if you’re one of those high tech egg heads then this article may be of great interest to you. 475 more words


I watched “Grease” the other day. I can really relate to the kids from Rydell High as they’re clearly in their 30’s, like me.
I love the movie like I love chocolate but I couldn’t help noticing that it sends out a really strange message to young girls.

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Proposal for a new music blog

This may come as a little surprise to many but  i’ve decided to gauge the reaction to a new blog i’ve had in mind for quite some time. 419 more words


Pregnancy only of the woman or should be shared?

Note: In this case I am referring to pregnancies that are wanted , whether or not they are of a married couple is not relevant. 167 more words