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Taormina, a lovely Sicilian town

I knew that Sicily was full of beautiful little towns, and Taormina was no disappointment when we visited this summer.

My boyfriend took a week off work in August and we headed down to Sicily, a trip that I had been waiting eagerly. 857 more words


Bea's Sicilian Smoked Fish Starter

Introducing the first of the guest posts – this one is from our mum Bea, who taught us how to tie our own aprons and bake our first biscuits. 280 more words


Type A Girl in a Non-Type A World

Over the past 4 years, while attending a college where I was surrounded by future congressmen and women, consultants-in-training who were practicing cases years before I even knew what “practicing cases” meant, and pre-med students that will probably cure cancer, I somehow managed to convince myself that I was not, in fact, a Type A personality. 1,074 more words

night noodle markets 2014

The last time I went to the Noodle Markets was probably 3 years ago, before the time of Messina, pork buns, and the oh so raved about ramen burger. 766 more words


beautiful béchamel and a trip to the beach

Ah you delicious head of garlic. You’re dark and smokey and warm. You’re like the earth. Like soil between my fingers. Like chilli and coriander and shallots and salt and herbs and spice all compacted into one glob of garlicky goodness. 142 more words


It’s hard to believe a city like Rome exists. I’ve been to many places where history is interwoven with modern life–London and Boston are two primary examples of places where you can visit sites laden with centuries of emotions, politics, and death. 1,510 more words

Third Crusade history - 4 October 1190 - the capture of Messina

On their way to the Holy Land after the fall of Jerusalem to Salah al-Dīn, Christian armies gathered in Messina, Sicily. Today, I am guest posting  on… 54 more words

Richard The Lionheart