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Unhappy eater

Facebook is filled with “Happy Easter” posts, but instead we have an “unhappy eater” post.

Perhaps he was sad that he got green beans and bananas instead of chocolate and jelly beans. Next year, little bunny.


the truth about my heart

I’m messy. More than just messy hair in the mornings when I wake up, and more than a messy room I’m living in. There is mess hidden deep inside my heart, and it comes from the messy things I get myself into. 560 more words

Messy Top Knot + Flight Update

hey guys, 

so it is saturday and tomorrow morning I will be up and getting ready to fly.. 

I did all my face cleaning and everything today and made sure I am all fresh feeling for flying..  153 more words

11. Clay foot or hand prints

I have done clay handprints with both kids using pre-bought sets.

But it is just as easy to buy some air-drying clay and doing it yourself. 173 more words

Under A Tenner

I Am Not a Writer

I never meant to be a blogger. I never sat down and thought I could write something that would resonate with others. I never thought of myself as a writer. 648 more words

The Journey...

Body Language - My Messy Beautiful

My body fought a war against me for the first 6 weeks after we arrived in Australia. First jetlag then hay fever; knocked down by flu only to recover to incessant sneezing & leaky washers on my eyes. 1,010 more words

Life As I Know It

What Did You Put In Your Pocket

This not-so-flannel entry is adapted from the book by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

Here is my lovely clean pocket! It’s a ziplock bag, with felt hot glued to the front (to make it look more pockety) and safety pins holding in onto the apron from the back. 163 more words