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A neat freak attempts to co-habitate with a boy

Flygirl Em is a self-admitted neat freak.

The apartment she shares with Cat is tidy. Extremely tidy. And clean. Very clean.

The floors are spotless. The counters are regularly disinfected. 219 more words


Flowers From Hannah

Yes I did leave my messy nightstand in there on purpose. It’s called life. ;)


confessions of a closet slob

I spilled my iced coffee (technically, Liam spilled it) on 3 separate rugs in my house last week. And only spot-treated one of them.

Every night for an entire week, I would move my and my husband’s clean, folded clothes from our bed onto the floor so we could peel back the comforter and go to sleep. 502 more words

Spontaneous is better

Hello everyone!

Last week I was showering in the evening like usual when my best friend called me. She said that the football club of our hometown is playing right now. 215 more words


The Notebook Dilemma

I love nice, smart looking, novelty notebooks. At the same time, I don’t. Let me explain.

They look very nice. I like to stare at the cover in admiration. 337 more words


Chapter 47: The Spoiled Watermelon

For most people, Mondays suck. They are they inevitable sign that the weekend has passed. The undeniable truth that the work week has begun. The annoying fact that someone is going to pick up on your misery and say, “Gee, looks like someone has a bad case of the Mondays”. 1,103 more words

Limerick 2

Second limerick is from a guy we’ll call D. I wound up meeting up with him that night at a concert. Don’t worry, his personality was better than his limerick was. 19 more words