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#1 Decorating oneself is a very serious business, don’t you know? You always start out by painting on paper but inevitably, you move on to bigger and better ways of expressing yourself. 212 more words


The Dangers of Labeling

Hello new readers!

I have to admit that I feel kind of famous.

For all of my faithful readers who have been following me since before I became famous (literally all 4 of you, myself included), I have exciting news to share. 1,636 more words

Measuring Up To Bloggers and Beyonce

Do you measure up to the woman with thousands of admiring followers, the beautiful, clean, and spacious home, the adorable children and the handsome, hard-working husband? 537 more words

The Sweet Mess of Success

We did it! We made pine cone bird feeders!! (See previous post titled “Lazification of Parenting”)

Sure, not a single bird has visited and I am starting to wonder if as the weeks pass they are more likely to die from eating old moldy peanut butter, but WE DID IT! 108 more words


13. cheesy biscuits

We have a really quick and easy cooking activity today.

My little boy is obsessed with cheese, and I mean completely obsessed with cheese – he would live just on cheese if he could!- so I decided to make these with him. 106 more words

Under A Tenner


We didn’t do much for Easter, but we did dye eggs and have an egg hunt for my daughter. :) We didn’t use natural dyes this year, because someone gave us a dye kit as a gift. 79 more words


Shady Boots

People have been acting really shady around me lately. I mean it might not be directed towards me, but numerous amounts of shade have been thrown. 11 more words