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The R-Index of Nicotine-Replacement-Therapy Studies: An Alternative Approach to Meta-Regression

Stanley and Doucouliagos (2013) demonstrated how meta-regression can be used to obtain unbiased estimates of effect sizes from a biased set of original studies. The regression approach relies on the fact that small samples often need luck or questionable practices to produce significant results, whereas large samples can show true effects without the help of luck and questionable practices. 1,112 more words


Society Resource Proposal

The  American Psychological Association has found that there is a prevalent and strong association between media exposure and body shaming. In a Meta Analysis of experimental and correlational studies conducted by University of Michigan’s L. 371 more words


Strive for Balance

When I start to focus more on the outside instead of the inside, that’s when I loose balance, and stop progressing to what is best for my well-being. 496 more words


[M.M.X.I.V. 337] Idiot

Hopefully this will be a post that is mostly tongue-in-cheek.  I’m definitely flirting with offense, given the title of the post!  The first thing that I think of when I have this post: a seasonally-appropriate movie clip (though the earlier part of the scene is needed for context which is not in this clip… check this… 514 more words


Can yoghurt prevent diabetes?

A friend of mine recently shared the news of a new study reporting an association between yoghurt consumption and decreased risk of type 2 diabetes. 388 more words

EDU-6160 - Best Practices: Allowing the Students to Teach the Class

Meta-analysis seems to be a fair, complete method for identifying the best practices regarding teaching, planning, and assessing. It allows for more opinions and ideas to be involved in helping students learn at a deeper level and teachers become more effective at delivery a thoughtful lesson. 436 more words

Effect size

There are a lot of different ways to think about comparing two things, or more appropriately perhaps, two sets of things. If they are things we can count, we can easily see which there are more of. 834 more words