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Back to the Rough Blog!

I have neglected my little corner of the internet for quite some time, buried as I have been by an overly ambitious workload as I round out this year of my program at the Institute for Christian Studies. 229 more words

Stuff I'm Doing

Self-referential blogpost (conditionally accepted*)

This is a blogpost on a talk (by Jeremy Fox) on blogging that will be live tweeted here at Virginia Tech on Monday April 7, and the moment I post this blog on “B… 170 more words


One month old!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole month. (A month and a day, to be exact, but I didn’t have time to blog yesterday.) Compared to many other bloggers, who have been at it consistently for years, my little baby milestone is probably not very significant. 308 more words


A to Z Challenge - accepted!

Being an absolute blogging-noob (having started less than a month ago), I’ve read about this “A to Z Challenge” on a few other blogs but didn’t really get what it was about. 270 more words


the return of the eggcorn

Wiktionary’s word of the day today, March 19, 2014, is the same as it was on this day last year:


Not vaguary, but vaguery. The latter is apparently an “eggcorn” of the former. 22 more words


We're number one!

There was a time, in the good ol’ days, when the FBI would send you your Criminal History Summaries (henceforth CHS) on security paper. The kind that screams VOID everywhere when you copy it. 466 more words


Twitter twats

Based on recommendations, I’ve taken the plunge and created my Facebook and Twitter accounts. To be honest, I’m not a fan of those. I can see the use, and the allure, but personally, I see too many people wasting too much time on them, and being dumbed down by using silly abbreviations to make that 140 character limit. 111 more words

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