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Judges Ruling On Telecom Cases Own Verizon Stock | Say It Ain't So!

A long sigh… It looks as if the judges who operate the gateway between the NSA and the cable companies may not be as impartial as their job description requires them to be. 100 more words


The Elusive Metadata

I’ve talked about how the term “metadata” has become associated with so many jobs, tasks, or titles that I wonder if the term has lost much of its meaning to be helpful. 474 more words


Of technology and standards

When understood as data, descriptive bibliography has two structural components: A container and a metadata schema.

On the container:  For this project, the container is MS Excel, although any spreadsheet program would have worked.  801 more words


Cat stalker knows where your kitty lives (and it's your fault)

Ever posted a picture of your cat online?

Unless your privacy settings avoid making APIs publicly available on sites like Flickr, Twitpic, Instagram or the like, there’s a cat stalker who knows where your liddl’ puddin’ lives, and he’s totally pwned your pussy by… 778 more words


ADS File from Excel Cleanup Utility

I have decided to post for the world my utility that will clean up ADS files created from Excel.  This utility came from a need to remove extra columns from my ADS file that was created from an Excel file saved as a CSV file. 90 more words

Important Distinctions

Before we move further, it is useful to make some important distinctions:

1.  Level:  Item vs Collection

Item is a single object (a book, a video etc.). 258 more words


Metadata in the News!

Information and Data are terms used often in everyday life by everybody. The bonding object between the two, Metadata, was kept outside the public eye, constrained mainly within technical and academic discussions. 297 more words