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Video: The Advent of the STUNT Program and the Small Odyssey to Inwood

On Saturday, November 8th, Benjamin Golden and I met in front of the American Indian Museum with a goal in mind: to walk up Broadway. Why? 56 more words

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The Problem With Self-Love

That One Must Love Themselves Before They Can Love Another is a true truism. A confident notion of one’s self brings to love the potential for clarity, without which love is a game: a game of shadows (projection) and a game of oneupmanship (power). 522 more words

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Fandom, "Deconstruction" and Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I’ve seen a lot of posts on Tumblr lately trying to frame various series as “deconstruction”, usually based on the reductive TVTropes “understanding” of the term. 1,550 more words


I Guess This Kid Thinks He's a Thinker

Directly across from me sits a homeless man who is only mildly decaying and keeps saying fuck either to himself or at me. Based on my body’s reaction I would guess at me. 335 more words

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'Going For A Beer' by Robert Coover

Going For A Beer by Robert Coover, 2011

The magic trick:

Smashing a lifetime into a single paragraph

This is Robert Coover, so we shouldn’t expect the normal rules of the space-time continuum to apply. 238 more words


At Home in Translation: Alessandro Baricco’s Mr. Gwyn, translated by Ann Goldstein

Reviewed by Stiliana Milkova

Can a literary text faithfully represent a person’s identity? Can a writer capture someone’s likeness and portray it accurately on paper? These questions lie at the heart of Alessandro Baricco’s novel… 1,321 more words