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The Prophet bows and makes a sales pitch

Allow me a more formal introduction.

Picture me bowing with my right arm over my chest, my left arm parallel to the ground, and my right leg crossed behind my left. 373 more words

Alt Lit

Summer of Shorts Episode 8: Moore and Jobs

Well, Book Fighters, you knew this day had to come. The summer is officially over, and with it the Summer of Shorts has to come to an end. 246 more words


Dear Friends: Please take a moment to read this updated note about Lullaby.

Lullaby is a poetic, picaresque live fiction written in 365 installments.You, dear reader — my twin, my sister — are necessary to the story, as it is your absence that generates the text. 170 more words


Women though are also scary

I could not live in Athens. My parents came to this country when fourteen. My accent is good English. Small village outside of Moscow. My father work in government there still. 319 more words


Now here's a boy who likes violence!

Save the equivocating for the judge; might is right, and that’s why Ralph was made First Sergeant. I’ve got seniority over him (technically I’ve got seniority on Simon too), but Ralph’s got a natural way: he’s basically a Viking. 282 more words

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060 - Wherein Lies Utter Foolishness

Wherein Lies Utter Foolishness

by WhiteKnight, Thedude3445, and Steelix100000000000000000000


“Alright, what now?”

Stan lowered his gun and turned to his partner with a look of bafflement. 3,273 more words


Literary Pop: Slaughterhouse-Five

“There was a big number over the door of the building. The number was five. Before the Americans could go inside, their only English-speaking guard told them to memorize their simple address, in case they got lost in the big city. 520 more words

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