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The Fiery Side of Love

(Her) stare burns through flesh.
A toasty kiss? Scolding coffee perhaps?

Marbled eyes, representing good/bad,
the fireside lit up in the evening night
that luminates/engulfs the tranquil abode… 69 more words

Happiness in 2 Easy Steps

(1.0) The first step to counting your blessings is on the left and down the gray cirrus tunnel defined by deciduous trees in either late-fall or early-winter levels of depreciation. 500 more words

Alt Lit

Review: The Universal Bureau of Copyrights

Title: The Universal Bureau of Copyrights

Author: Bertrand Laverdure

Translator: Oana Avasilichioaei

Publisher: BookThug

Publication Date: October 2014

ISBN: 9781771660525

Synopsis from Goodreads:

From multidisciplinary artist Bertrand Laverdure comes…

474 more words

Question: What Is the Opposite of Existence?

I’m into existentialism. Anything to do with existence actually, I’m really into. Just thinking about it. Like, why are we here? WHAT IS LIFE? Anyway, while thinking about this recently, a sentence came into my head; find it in the last line of the poem below. 180 more words

The Writer or the Writing

Okay, try this out. You read a new novel or a short story or a collection of poetry. You are highly impressed. What’s the first thing you do? 365 more words


This Week in Reading 12/5

Last week, I got a little bit caught up in Thanksgiving travel and didn’t get a chance to pen one of these, or really do much reading. 510 more words


Just by Talking about a Space While You Are in It You Make It Holy

I am utterly convinced that if I could fall asleep early one night and remain slumberous until the following late afternoon when the sun begins to drown that all of my ills would be cured. 222 more words

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