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Looper (2012) [Part 2]

(spoilers ahead)

This is part 2, continued from part 1.

We stopped after the movie jumped ahead in time for 30 years. What happens then is astounding and simple. 1,537 more words



she laughed, having read
all of my stories.

“it’s a romance,
you don’t put in
the messy-unromantic bits.

Cut- to the laughter. After all,
poetry doesn’t need… 40 more words

Fiction | Frozen Opportunities

An older piece of my writing. May it find a new home here.

John sat at the kitchen table, his face resting in his hands.  Brianna, the woman who he had barely known a short year ago, sat on the other side.  527 more words

Father And Daughter

A Writer's Reader: The Beginning of a Journey

I have been contemplating departing since I first got here.  There is so much potential for God-knows-what.  Infinite writing.  I have stretched my legs.  Now, I will embark on a journey.   322 more words

Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov [Book Thoughts]

Pnin is a neat little trick; short and deep, sly and funny, just a touch of brilliance. Perhaps it’s unfair to compare it to Nabokov’s best because  509 more words

Imran Amien

Lady in the Water (2006)

    (spoilers ahead)

Lady in the Water is not a misunderstood movie. It bombed when it came out and Wikipedia says since then it has been more appreciated than critics did then, but seeing it for the first time now, it’s easy to see that it’s a big failure and the definitive tipping point for director M. 1,571 more words


We have entered an endless recursion of creative incest

Funny how the entertainment industry, starved for fresh content, loops back to feed on itself like an anorexic ouroboros bingeing on its own scrawny knotted neck/tail. 499 more words