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If On A Winter's Night a Traveller by Italo Calvino [Book Thoughts]

You might find that If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller is complex, intricate and different; a search for an end to a book which has only beginnings. 524 more words

Imran Amien

This 80s Movie: Cruising (1980)

(spoilers ahead)

Cruising is a confused movie, confused about its intention, its story and ending, but also about what it wants to say about homosexuality. And, to get straight it, it should say something about homosexuality. 1,104 more words


this little piggy explains everything in great detail

Just so you know, it’s still New Cadet Training. It began several weeks ago, the week after LDS ended and the week before the Old Cadets rearrived and classes began. 1,262 more words

Alt Lit

rambling thoughts about writing (evening edition)

Grammar Bird is looking at me suspiciously.  He has nothing to worry about, though, because he’s Grammar Bird, not Philosophy Bird.  On the other hand, he may simply think it’s weird that I have a small collection of antique iron keys — sitting right here on my desk, no less, next to Grammar Bird himself.  834 more words

fan art, meta-fiction, and other things

Cute and cuddly… neo-panther?

This picture is someone’s lighthearted fan art of Hunter and Tebrey, characters from my twin’s science fiction novels (The Remnant… 773 more words

The Prophet is Popping

All over what is known as The World, more or less shorthand for the planet Earth (but also a scattered and abstract idea that represents totality (for example, “What in The World?” is an exclamation implying that something is askew, that an aspect of The World, which is organized and flies the flagship of, say, Sense, has been (fingers crossed) temporarily interrupt this live broadcast to bring you the News, which is difficult to get, much less to understand, especially when the news has been ruined by who exactly? 208 more words

Alt Lit

The Burners, a short fiction piece

Whoo, I’m on a roll today.  Though I really should get back to my reading.

Anyway, this is another Daily Post prompt piece.  Definitely feeling this could be the start of a new book :) I had fun with this one.   1,106 more words

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