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We have entered an endless recursion of creative incest

Funny how the entertainment industry, starved for fresh content, loops back to feed on itself like an anorexic ouroboros bingeing on its own scrawny knotted neck/tail. 499 more words


Latest blatherings about writing projects from Weaver and his clone

A few weeks ago, I saw a comment on a discussion board about science fiction and fantasy stating that  readers always prefer stories with protagonists who look like themselves. 1,007 more words

A Good First Sentence - Part III

The words write themselves. I used to think I could change the future too. Maybe I could make my dad love me as much as he loved  Brit. 989 more words

Creative Writing

The Foreword to Insomnia

Like all writers, I rewrite, combine, borrow, loot, recreate, change my own work, and play with metafictional devices and the relationship between what is real and what is imagined.   997 more words


Blood and Vision Finale

Previous installment:

Blood and Vision

The days passed as they marched, then the weeks. The next lead from Intelligence turned up fallow. Scott and Tien found signs which they believed showed the Viet Cong to have been there and moved on, and so the unit set off in the direction the enemy was most likely to have taken. 17,160 more words