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Nigel Ingram on the cover

You can see Nigel Ingram, Regton’s owner,  with Garrett EuroAce metal detector on the cover of the January issue of the Treasure Hunting magazine.

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Gold Claim # 2 : The Chopper Site Facebook Posts

October 19

We made it to a new site on a new claim. It was down Gregg’s Hideout Rd. We took the wrong fork and ended up at a wide gravel area with 3 large storage tanks with hoses attached.  745 more words


Cats and Bullets

Our Feral cat has taken up residence in the water bowl on the wall. Now there are two trains of thought on this, it either fits her body so she feels safe, or, she`s waiting for the birds to come for a drink. 192 more words


Is it "mean" to keep criticising the Portable Antiquities Scheme?

Some people think so. After all, they say, PAS comprises dozens of hardworking Finds Liaison Officers hoping to preserve our knowledge of history. Unfortunately though it’s not hard work or aspirations that matter, … 442 more words

Metal Detecting

A Green or Blue Gold Pan?

It is surprising how many folks ask me which is the best color to use to see gold in a finishing Pan.

Your gut reaction would be that whatever is the opposing contrast color to gold would work best. 521 more words

Gold Panning

Hey, Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage, why so quiet?

by Nigel Swift

A well-known detectorist just said:  “I only write to major landowners who want things done properly in terms of “documentation”. The majority of farmers much prefer to see the whites of your eyes. 261 more words

Metal Detecting

A naive defence of Metal Detecting

Faced with wrongdoing by colleagues, detectorists often use the “Not Me” defence. Fair enough if true but not if not. For example, we recently cited a detectorist (“Mr A***r”) saying he doesn’t report all finds to PAS and is threatening to not report Treasure – whereupon the Chairman of his previous club left a “Not Me” comment saying they had ejected him for misbehaviour. 295 more words

Metal Detecting