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XP Deus Metal Detector - Best Place To Buy

Best Place To Buy An XP Deus Metal Detector


Wireless. Lightweight. Deep Seeking. Fast Recovery. Update Capable.

Find Priceless Treasures Amid 10,000 Pieces of Trash

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Looking For Lost

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you folks about the other side of my upcoming adventure, fill you folks in all the other things I’ll being doing as I travel about, “looking for lost.” … 186 more words

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The Destinations

The Destinations

Since posting the news of my upcoming adventure in various places I’ve gotten “a lot” of offers through PM’s and emails and I want to thank everyone for those offers. 600 more words

Treasure Hunting

The Vehicle?

In regards to my upcoming adventure, in a perfect world where money is no object I’d be driving a self-contained semi-truck with a custom trailer to house the ski jet, backhoe, 4-wheeler, scuba equipment, and whatever else I think I might need for a full year of travel and treasure hunting. 1,143 more words

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Erosion Counter reaches huge milestone - but look who helped construct it!

Yesterday the Artefact Erosion Counter passed 12 million. “Nonsense!” many will say. No matter, it’s a lot. More to the point, Professor Gill’s famous question, “ 389 more words

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The Adventure Of A Lifetime And You're All Invitied!

OK, going to fill you folks in what is about to take place in my life. In recent months I have been preparing to hit the road, at least for one full year and possibly even longer, just depends on how things work out. 395 more words

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A Book In Debate = Treasure?

Could A Highly Debated Book Lead You To Real Treasure?

This is an article about a highly debated book, the debate in regards to the book’s possible authenticity. 498 more words

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