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Grapeshot from the priviate property at the Battlefield at New Market Virginia,

I recently attended a hunt at a piece of private property that was a part of the Battle of New Market in New Market Virginia. The farm is currently used for raising sheep. 89 more words

Metal Detector Find Worth $10k to Collectors. TreasureForce.com

Swinging Coils is the past time of millions of Americans.  It is not only increasing ones health by getting them outdoors and active, but it can also increase ones wealth.  4,002 more words

A Rare Find Indeed

Recently my detecting colleague and I acquired some new land. It was pasture land and I had to admit at the time that I’ve never been keen on metal detecting on pasture, despite the fact that finds are often in much better condition when pulled out of the earth here than when they’re discovered on arable land. 

Metal Detecting

Farmer Brown, artefact hunting and the pig that asks "Cui bono?"

Dear Fellow Landowners,

You’d expect a TV series showing detectorists incompetently digging up dead bodies” (as one termed it) would be universally condemned. Yet many detectorists still haven’t done so and the overall hobby “verdict” seems to be settling down to a comforting “they were stitched up by National Geographic”. 351 more words

Metal Detecting


Everywhere you go it seems as if every detectorist is getting or aspiring to acquire the XP Deus ,which is the latest and apparently the best metal detector currently available.The downside to all this is that there must be lots of perfectly good machines lying idle and gathering dust all over England. 457 more words

Bronze age bracelet discovery in the Netherlands

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Palette bracelet found from Bronze Age

Tuesday 8 April 2014, 22:03 (Update: 09-04-14, 08:05 AM)

An amateur archaeologist has found a palette bracelet from the…

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Spurred on to Detect

After all the rain, Steve and I decided to search a site that we hadn’t been to for a while. It was drier than most places and this influenced our decision. 263 more words

Metal Detecting