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Metal detectorist finds Bronze Age settlement using Google Earth

A metal detecting enthusiast has amazed archaeologists by uncovering a historic Bronze Age settlement – using just Google Earth. Canny Howard Jones put aside usual methods of finding ancient communities and used the internet instead. 84 more words

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"Very Special Indeed" - Minelab and their CTX3030

Something I guess that we are all used to these days is the hype and marketing thrown at us by companies trying to sell various products. 1,563 more words

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Metal Detecting "the hobby that rewards you"

Have you ever seen those guys out in the fields with their metal detectors and wondered “what are they finding?” Well I wondered that for years until I met an old man on my boulevard one day about 30 years ago or so. 525 more words

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Looking for Minelab coil.....

Anyone who may know someone or has a 15″x12 SEF coil, for the Sovereign GT.. Please let me know.. I’m interested in buying one… PM me if you have a possibility!! ¬† 17 more words

Metallic Objects in Building Material

History frequently records humans placing metal objects in building material as they are being constructed – a sort of ritual. Examples of this include several extremely rare Edward V111 pennies allegedly placed in the foundations of buildings that were constructed in 1936. 289 more words

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Viking hoard Dumfries and Galloway

 Spectacular Viking treasure hoard found on Church land

A hoard of Viking treasure described as the largest found in modern times has been discovered on land owned by the Church of Scotland.

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Viking treasure hoard unearthed in Scotland

Metal detecting enthusiast Derek McLennan unearthed one of the most significant Viking hoards ever discovered in Scotland. The treasure trove of more than 100 items including gold and silver jewellery, ingots and a unique enamelled cross was found with a… 71 more words

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