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Big News For Ozzy and Black Sabbath Fans

As usual when a band announces that they are doing one last album and tour, you should never believe the hype. Of course, Black Sabbath benefited from that this past summer when everyone thought that the tour would be their last, but now Black Sabbath’s frontman Ozzy Osbourne has made a big announcement concerning the future of Sabbath. 259 more words


Black Sabbath to record new album

Black Sabbath at the Grammy Awards

Speaking to the UK’s Metal Hammer magazine, Ozzy Osbourne has exclusively revealed that Black Sabbath are to record a new album together. 358 more words


Listen Now: Decapitated 'BloodMantra' Full Album Stream

Decapitated are the sort of band that movies are made about. Their story is a fascinating and tragic one…

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Heavy Metal

New stuff from Black Moth: "Condemned To Hope"

As mentioned before, there’s a very cool Youtube channel called MrStonebeliever, that is out there sharing some very cool stoner, doom, sludge metal to the masses. 143 more words

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King Baltak - The Battlegod Story.

King Baltak talks about the creation of Battlegod Productions, and recalls his memorable moments over the years of the label’s success. 

By Mandy Craig. 

Battle God Productions is a record label with a lot of power and force, which is symbolised in the name and years it has been creating a fiery metal path in the music scene. 1,547 more words


New video from Orange Goblin: “Sabbath Hex”

Well… if you didn’t hear ORANGE GOBLIN’s new song yet and you check its title, “Sabbath Hex”, what do you think? Probably something like: “anything with the word Sabbath in it must be pretty awesome”. 40 more words

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Zoltan Talks About Slipknot's 'Eyeless'

Zoltan talks about Slipknot’s ‘Eyeless’ in Metal Hammer’s ‘Riffs That Shook The World’ feature. (Metal Hammer Magazine – September 2014 Edition)