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For All Eternity

For All Eternity

Current Line-up:

  • Vocals: Shane Carroll
  • Vocals/ Drums: Michael Buckley:
  • Guitar: Jeremy Mosiejczuk
  • Guitar: Nicolas Page

Genre: Metalcore

Hometown: Sydney, Australia



For Want of A Line

Well Oprah, thank you for asking that. First of all thank you so much for having me on your show. The inspiration behind my book was my teenage years. 263 more words

Personal Ramblings

Happy Boss's Day

I used to LOVE buying cards for M. I used to identify with them and think I made the right choice in a spouse. That while others had to cheat, divorce, or live the life of bachelor’s or bachelorette’s we had a love that was going to grow until the one of us dies. 504 more words


Mikael Ã…kerfeldt is gorgeous.

He may be 40, but I would still tap that.



Yes on their first full UK headline tour right now, American huge Christian rock band Skillet made it down to Wolverhampton last night. I went along myself, and after some stressed out confusion over roundabouts on the road journey, finally parked up and walked in as the support band were doing their thing loud and proud on stage. 532 more words

Metal fest to attend in 2015

Though 2015 is a bit far still, but some great news for Norwegian Metal lovers is already here!

I am talking about Karmoygeddon, to be held in Norway in 2015. 78 more words