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The Testament According to Thrash Pt. 2

Welcome back for the second and concluding portion of last week’s article.

  1. Megadeth – Rust in Peace (1990)

I really wanted a Megadeth album on this list but I was seriously torn between Peace Sells… and Rust… . 1,319 more words


Interview : Black Metal Project Bròn

I regularly find myself close to shutting down my Facebook account, and abandoning my timeline forever…but then I’ll come across a project like Bròn, and decide against it, thinking ‘what if I miss out on learning about other great bands?’ I’m often scatterbrained when on Facebook, and my attention is spread far too thinly. 1,571 more words


Nothing else matters..but the violin solo does!

Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters is one song that ever Metal lover dreams attending live, and also dreams of covering. And this time Indians have nailed it. 94 more words


Alexisonfire and the Music Apocalypse

The music apocalypse came and went. It came in 2001 and went in 2011. It came and went in the life span of a band who was so contrived, so fake, with such a sense of privilege, their band name was the simulacrum of a Twitter handle; comment section username for a girl with an obnoxious website touting herself and her banal daily doings. 504 more words