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Kenta interviews Finnish singer Capri from Amberian Dawn.

I am back with a new interview from a long time without any post, actually this interview was made like a month ago, but i still makes sense. 1,414 more words


We Simply... Are

“This a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot imagine it. I am beyond your comprehension. I am sovereign.”


Impressions: Wolves in the Throne Room - Celestite (2xLP)

To anyone who has ever ordered a Wolves record before, there’s not much surprise here. Their gatefold layouts never seem to disappoint in reflecting an accurate representation of what you’ll hear on the record, and this one is no different. 1,027 more words


Teenagers Gets A Record Deal Worth $1 Million Dollars (Video)

While some of you kids are in the streets goofing off or playing video games. These teenagers just scored a record deal over one million dollars. 80 more words



თუ Death Metal-ის შესახებ გსმენიათ, ინტერნეტ სივრცის ახალი შარჟი ნამდვილად გაგახალისებთ.

Children of Batman, რომლის წევრები თავად ბეთმენი, რობინი, რედ ჰუდი და ნაითვინგი არიან Youtube არხმა ArhyBES გაავრცელა და მეტალ მუსიკის ფანები გაამხიარულა.


An 8th Grade Metal Band From Brooklyn Landed A Million Dollar Record Deal With Sony

In the music business, it usually takes years for a band to put a dent in the local and regional music scene. That was then, but now we have the Internet, where fame is just a viral video away. 324 more words