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Metal? What's that? And Why am I Doing This?

This is an experiment. An experiment in three things: 1) Exploring a genre of music that I have never cared for an awful lot, 2) Successfully creating and updating a blog, which given how lazy I am could be more difficult than penetrating a dense, historically rich genre of music, and 3) Writing. 237 more words


Hypocrisy: Abducted

You’ve heard Peter Tageryn’s work before, the amount of albums and bands he has recorded and worked with is fucking staggering and Abyss Studios has been a revolving door for great bands over the last couple decades from Septicflesh to that band Nicolas Cages son plays in to bands like Marduk and Dark Funeral who recorded like half their output there. 375 more words

Death Metal

Writing What I DON'T Know

Words pile up in me.  I have lovely friends who let me drown them in words, but lately, I have been trying to corral them a tiny bit in a journal.   595 more words


Metal Excess Awards: The Best of 2014 List

Okay, I’m calling it. I tried to listen to as many releases from 2014 as I could by the end of January 2015 in order to make my best of list. 214 more words

Hard Rock

Dehuman - Graveyard of Eden

 I’m gonna plop down some metal math in the form of equation on your asses.

Old-school death metal + modern sound and feel + thrash + brutal 90s death metal + red-hot aggression = ??? 270 more words

Metal Reviews


When one thinks of all-girl bands from the 1970s, chances are the first name to spring to mind is The Runaways. And I wouldn’t blame you, seeing as they’ve been receiving a bit of nostalgia revival the past few years (having a song on the Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack didn’t hurt, I’m sure). 95 more words


At The Gates Featured On "Ghosts Of The Road" Series

At The Gates are featured on the latest episode of Freqs TV‘s new series, “Ghosts Of The Road.” This series was made to document a day in a life of a touring band, during this day and age, to give fans a more in depth look of what its like on the road. 6 more words