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this is my metamorphosis

in a four year cocoon

transforming into what

i do not know

in a stagnant world

with only inner working

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Need To Read

Today I read an article by Lauren Martin about why readers, scientifically, are the best people to fall in love with. I was never really good at science, but I couldn’t agree with her analysis on the benefits of reading more. 771 more words

Slyces Of Thought

I can still walk, why use it up stumbling drunk through life?

Welcome everyone,  or the 3 people that actually read this, more accurately.

I’m Matt.  I’m 31 years old and I’ve lived in the Bay Area for about 1.5 years.  815 more words

Never a casualty/victim,
Just a girl whose head needed cleared.
Never a martyr,
Just someone who cares.
Never self-centered,
Just someone whose pain had taken control.

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A Few Remain

The process of metamorphosis is incredible to watch. The speed with which it took place surprised me. How incredible to see the formation of the characteristic wings of the Monarch Butterfly through its cocoon.