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I am who I am, but who is that?

 “I write for myself—and through myself for everyone.”

(Natalie Goldberg, 2000, p. 215)

I created this blog after my first year in a doctoral program. I was studying Sustainability Education, and professors and students in earlier cohorts had recommended that we keep a journal. 1,174 more words



True change drifts in a realm of illusion
Boundless possibilities
With a single purpose
The Mystery unnamed

Fight it if you must
But know you are but dust… 155 more words



Do not walk through the house today
And if you do not alone,
And if you walk alone, do not look in the mirror,
For while I walked this house alone… 200 more words


the metamorphosis

“all humans are subject to
and when fate summons, monarchs
must obey.”
John Dryden, Mac Flecknoe, (1682) 11.1

born several months early
and under the wrong sign, 76 more words


Cooking With Love

And then, one day we realize, we can just Love as much as we want, and that is enough. Loving in itself full fills us, sooth us, and we also realize, if we have love in our heart its directed towards someone special, and to have that someone special in our life is a blessing in itself, and that is enough, better than having no love in the heart, much better than having no one to Love. 249 more words

Fly With An Open Bible

Fly With An Open Bible by Golden Eagle

Boys and girls of all ages this is GOLDEN EAGLE circling in for a landing on this beautiful world that Jesus Christ created. 1,053 more words