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Every once in a while as I leave work, I get the distinct feeling that I’m escaping. Today the sun is out and it’s raining. Kinda perfect actually. 255 more words

A Little Game of Catch-Up Maybe?

I havne’t posted for a few days and I wanted to just do a quick catch-up maybe on The Murder (our little poly family).  

Let’s start with… Peaches.   1,246 more words

Girl time with my Husband's Girlfriend

Sweets and I needed girl time so we went shopping.  We spent the afternoon browsing our favorite thrift stores for awesome finds and good times.  We had an amazing time together, as we always do.  560 more words

The Blog


I’ve been battling a migraine headache.  I get very severe migraines even though I take 2 preventative medications.  Occasionally, usually when the weather and seasons change or the barometric pressure goes crazy one will slip through and knock me on my ass.  312 more words

The Blog

I’ve been doing some thinking about what it means to have a special relationship with my metamour, and trying to parse out how to do it right.  2,048 more words

Boundaries and Metamours

Each relationship is it’s own thing. Yes, when you date people who know each other, are friends, or who may also be lovers, there will be aspects of your relationships with them which overlap and interact, but each relationship needs to be its own entity, at least to some degree. 2,365 more words



When I fall for someone at first I can be really awkward.  It’s a thing that has happened the few times I’ve fallen.  I’ve thought about this a lot, of course.   1,308 more words